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Atletico de Madrid sponsors club expands: Denmark to Australia

Atletico fans continue to respond, despite not being able to travel to Wanda Metropolitano to watch the Rojiplanco team play.. A year without spectators on the stand it was not difficult for Madrid club fans to consistently show their encouragement and support for their team. Thus, a dozen new Atletico sponsors clubs have been formed in the past year since the outbreak, six of them in Spain and many more across borders.. There are all sorts of little stories about how they decided to take action during this difficult year that we around the world are suffering because of Govt-19.

During the first months of captivity and using new types of contacts, George Griffith created clubs in Argentina with the approval of red and white legend, Link ATM in Germany, Athlete Wombat in Melbourne (Australia) And Diego Pablo Simeone’s third official club, This is his first in Argentina.

Already with this season Launched, the Villarens pen was developed in Villa di Rio, C கோrdoba, as well as the Chicherera pen, which originated in the north of TenerifeAccording to its president, the interest of the people of Tenerife in red and white has come a long time ago. Four more to end this year, Two in Madrid, Atletico International and Palo Future fans and both overseas, Rojiblanka of Denmark and the Dominican Republic.

The Athletic International Club is made up of partners from almost all Latin America, most of whom are Madrid residents who have met through social networks..

With the arrival of the new year, the activity has not stopped and two clubs have been added to the club’s list of official clubs: Lucas Augusti and Diamondo Rojiblanco, who decided to give the city its name in Latin because of the hardness of the diamond and the similarity they see between this mineral and Atletico de Madrid.

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From the club they have always had a special sensitivity to pineapples and benistas. Red and white company Permanent contact with fifteen to twenty associations with weekly telecommunications meetings during epidemics, in which club legends also took part.

In addition, clubs are included in the games played at this time in the Wanda metropolis, Because the names of all of them shone on the ribbon board of Rojiplanco Stadium.