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Attack - this will hide

Attack – this will hide

Controversy over documents from the Donald Trump era continues in the White House. A House committee is investigating the storming of Congress on January 6 this year, and has asked to see a number of documents.

Now new details have emerged about what kind of documents the commission wants access to, and which the former president is trying to block.

Notes from Meadows and Makinani

Politico He writes that the president attempted to block 750 of about 1,600 pages that officials identified as relevant to the investigation.

Hundreds of those are from the files of then-Trump press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, Politico wrote.

These will include speeches and statements related to “accusations of electoral fraud, election security and other topics related to the 2020 elections,” according to the news agency. AP.

2020: Former White House Press Secretary and Chief of Staff Mark Meadows. Photo: AP Photo/Evan Vucci/NTB
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Among the documents Trump tried to block were 30 pages of schedules, appointment information showing White House visitors, activity logs and phone records.

Specifically on January 6, 2021, they requested 13 pages of draft speeches, statements and correspondence relating to the incidents and three handwritten notes about the incidents from Chief of Staff Mark Meadows.

A handwritten note from Meadows will include briefings and potential or planned phone conversations about the January 6 ratification and other election issues, as well as a draft presidential order on the topic of election integrity.

When Trump supporters stormed Congress on January 6, they suspended Biden’s election victory.

Grand: On Tuesday, February 9, the Supreme Court case against Donald Trump began, as Democrats began showing horrific footage of the storming of Congress. Video: AP
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according to CNN The House decided in a federal law that Trump had no right to keep more than 700 documents from his presidency secret, and noted the committee’s need to rebuild Trump’s efforts to undermine the 2020 election and his actions on Jan. 6.

Trump sued the National Archives to try to prevent these documents from being sent to a House committee investigating the attack. President Joe Biden believes that most documents cannot be protected with «Executive FranchiseThat is, the president can withhold certain forms of confidential communications.

Biden believes that would not be in America’s best interest.

In the past, Trump has criticized the investigation and accused Democrats of trying to use Congress to persecute his political opponents.

Their requests are not based on law or reality. It’s just a game for these politicians, Trump said, according to NBC News.

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