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Attention product! The period of vaccination against FMD and herbivore rabies has been extended in Goiás, see

The cattle rancher is gaining more time, until December 11th is the deadline for vaccinating the herd and submitting an announcement of vaccination and the herd to Agrodivissa. The official period ends on Tuesday (11/30).

The Government of Goiás, through the State Secretariat for Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (Seapa) and the Agricultural Defense Agency of Goiás (Agrodefesa), this Tuesday (11/30) published a decree extending the period of vaccination against foot-and-mouth disease and herbivore rabies in the state. The period initially authorized was from November 1 to November 30. Now the breeder has until December 11th to purchase vaccines and vaccinate his flock. The deadline for informing Agrodefesa of vaccination has also been changed: it lasts until December 17.

The measure that changed the deadline is disclosed by Order 769/2021-Agrodefense, which defines the “Extension of Phase Two of Compulsory Herd Declaration and Vaccination against FMD and Rabies in Herbivores in the State of Goiás – Phase November/2021”. The document asserts that cattle animals up to 24 months old should be vaccinated against FMD, while cows, buffaloes, goats, sheep and horses up to 12 months old, located in the state’s 121 high-risk municipalities, should receive a dose of herbivore rabies protection. A list of these municipalities is contained in Annex I – corrected to Normative Instructions 002/2017 / Agrodefesa.

The reason for the change in deadline, according to the agency, is “the situational diagnosis made by Agrodefesa of failures in distributing FMD vaccines in the state of Goiás and the need for a longer period to supply inputs to authorized vendors, and a larger deadline for producers to conduct vaccination and to advertise the animals, along with With a rabies vaccination. The decision was discussed and supported by the productive sector in Goiás and has a positive opinion from the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (Mapa).

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Agrodefesa President Jose Isado explains that the decision to extend the period took into account the temporary shortage of vaccines, a situation that has affected other states and could hurt vaccine rates for both diseases in the state. The Minister of State for Agriculture, Livestock and Supply, Thiago Mendonca, emphasized the importance of partnering with the producer to obtain the largest possible immunization coverage. “The breeders have been doing their part for 25 years, it is worth taking advantage of this extension of time so that they can get the necessary doses and achieve a great result together in terms of inoculating the goias herd,” he says.

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It is preferable to place the “Vaccination and Herd Declaration – Phase November 2021” in the Agricultural Defense System of Goiás (Sidago) on the Agrodefesa website (, using the exclusive login and password of the owner. In the case of herds of more than 75 head of cattle/buffalo, electronic delivery via Sidago is mandatory. In other cases, the document can be delivered in person at Agrodefesa units by appointment. Phone numbers are available on the agency’s website, in the Fale Conosco section.

Brief summary

Extension of the second phase of vaccination against foot-and-mouth disease and herbivore rabies 2021
Vaccination date: until December 11, 2021
Deadline for contacting Agrodefesa: Until December 17, 2021
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by Seapa Goiás

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