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Attention!  Windows 10 just received an emergency update!

Attention! Windows 10 just received an emergency update!

Windows 10 has a new emergency update available which is really important, especially for those who have installed KB5001330 update. This new update fixes performance issues in games. Hence the importance. All it is about is nobody wants to have games that are crowded or have problems. But it wasn’t just games that suffered, but also the entire operating system.

Attention! Windows 10 just received an emergency update!

This is a slightly different update from the others. It is implemented on the server side. However, the new code introduced by the last mandatory update will be disabled. Therefore, if your device is connected to the Windows Update service, Microsoft will disable remote code changes. Thus the reported issues will be resolved as mentioned in Location Newer Windows.

This update is available from the server side over the weekend and you won’t see any warnings when checking for updates. Still settles in. Everyone who has tried it knows that everything works better for games.

Like I said, you won’t have to install anything. When checking for updates, Windows will contact Microsoft’s servers and apply fixes. But be careful because you will have to restart your computer.

Unfortunately the app is not understandable or not, but there is a very simple method. Play and see if the problems are gone.

If the problems persist and you don’t even get the fix, you can remove the latest update manually.

So, open the Start menu. Then press the gear wheel to access the settings. Then click on Updates and Security.

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Windows 10 Emergency Update

Then in the new window, click on the option to view the update history.

Windows 10 Emergency Update

Then choose Uninstall apps.

Windows 10 Emergency Update

Now use the search box to find the problematic update you want to remove. Suppose you are having issues with a recent update, KB5001330. So this is what I should be looking for.

Windows 10 Emergency Update

Select the update you want to remove. Then click OK to continue.

If for some reason you are having difficulty locating the latest update but you know it was the one that started giving you problems, you can find out very easily. Just click install on.

Windows 10 Emergency Update

However, you can also remove it from the command line. a look Here How to make.

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