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Attracting IT professionals to the state?  The government proposes another 228 euros

Attracting IT professionals to the state? The government proposes another 228 euros

Working in the public sector has its advantages, as does the private sector. In the field of information technology, it was difficult for the state to retain talents and also to be attractive to new employees. The government is now proposing an extra €228 in salary to attract IT professionals to the country. will you arrive

The government intends to end the current IT jobs...

The news was provided by Jornal Publico, which reveals that IT professionals can earn an additional €228 per month on the basis of their career and an additional €340 on top. The government intends to end existing IT jobs in the civil service, and create two new ones: Specialist and Technician of Information Systems and Technologies.

Currently, an IT specialist at the beginning of his career earns a total salary of 1,526 euros. If you manage to reach the top, which is very difficult, the value rises to 3221 euros. Taking into account the increase, anyone entering the new profession can start immediately with a basic salary totaling €1,754. The higher level will move to 3,561 euros, 340 euros more than the current value.

Credits: Intel Corporation

The testimony is in public consultation, but the unions are critical of the offer, saying it still pales in comparison to what the private sector is paying for. According to the newspaper, approximately 5,200 workers who have now been integrated into various IT functions are moving to the new jobs and being assigned to a gainful position created for this purpose.

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