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Auchan launches Happy Boxes containing surplus fruits and vegetables for €2.49 – Marketeer

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The Happy Boxes have arrived at Auchan, made up of 5kg of fruit and vegetables “preserved” by the retailer and sold to customers at a fixed price of €2.49, a value the brand says is “significantly lower than the total number of items on the menu”. “Boxes.”

Therefore, this initiative includes items that have lost their commercial properties but are in good condition suitable for consumption. The specific content of each box’s constitution is always new to the customer, as it depends on the specific type of surplus found in the store every day.

In the Happy Box, customers will be able to find items such as pears, apples, mangos, kiwis, peaches or nectarines, bananas and citrus fruits in the fruit sector. In the vegetable category, you can find kale, peppers, peppers, beets, carrots, zucchini, mushrooms and cucumbers.

“This initiative aims to effectively help combat food waste, give new life to surplus vegetables and fruits that have lost their commercial properties, with a very competitive sales value, and increase access to this type of food, essential for a healthy diet. “, says Tania Covas, responsible for the anti-waste project at Auchan Retail Portugal, in a statement.

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