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Audacity is now officially available on the Microsoft Store

For many, Audacity is one of the best audio editing software available on the market, mainly because it is free and open source. Despite some recent controversy over data collection for error analysis, the software is still a favorite of many.

To help users find the same thing faster, it’s now released Also copied from the Microsoft Store. As revealed by Martin Kerry himself, who is responsible for developing the program, the application was launched on the Microsoft Store as a way to provide an official application for the program in the face of all the fake versions that were available.

kei Says That the amount of fake apps in the Microsoft Store that used the name Audacity to try to identify them was worrying, and the vast majority focused mainly on distributing malicious content, or on providing the app that should be free, but in a paid form.

The application that is now officially available, both in the Microsoft Store for Windows 11 and Windows 10, will be the application that has been officially provided by the entity Muse (its directors), in addition, it is completely dependent on the version that is freely available on the entity website. Of course, the Microsoft Store version is also free.

This is also another point of criticism for Microsoft, which in the past has already been a target of problems due to a lack of control over the apps available in its Store, which remains a serious problem for the platform – and one of the main reasons why most users choose not to use it.

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