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Aunt Katya was diagnosed with breast cancer.  'I've never felt sick'

Aunt Katya was diagnosed with breast cancer. ‘I’ve never felt sick’

“Oh What makes me talk is the ability to share and prevent this from happening to others. Because the truth is that no one is free. It was with these words that Katya Gormon, better known as Tia Katya, began to tell her story.

In a conversation with Maria Botillo Muniz and Claudio Ramos, this Thursday, March 24, on TVI’s Dois à 10, he said that “in early December, while taking a shower, he felt a lump in his chest.”

“All month long I kept feeling. […] I didn’t tell anyone because I’m not a problem person. […] He explained that when I present a problem, it is already with a solution.”

On December 30th, I went for an ultrasound and a mammogram. As soon as I walked in, the doctor immediately said to me, “How many years have you had a mammogram or a breast ultrasound?” , he recalls, noting that he had not undergone examinations for a long time.

Sharing his words, the doctor said he advised getting a check-up once a year. After taking the exams, “Come here at night because it’s not really good,” the doctor said to him..

Then she spoke to her husband, Francisco, who accompanied her when she went for the biopsy. “When the diagnosis arrived, thank God it was first degree, the least bad. Evolution is a slow development, but its size was too large, it was already three centimeters“, stated.

Also during the conversation with the presenters, Tia Katya said that It was launched in February. “I will do tomorrow [25 de março] one month. They took everything there to takeHe revealed adding that There is a “strong possibility” of not having to undergo chemotherapy. “First I will only do radiotherapy and hormone therapy”.

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Asked by Claudio Ramos how she felt, she replied: “I feel beautiful, I’ve never felt sick. I have never felt weak. Now, I admit that for me this stage is more complicated, which is waiting. […] I think the most important here is the emotional aspect, no doubt“.

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