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Australia: – 12 years old, terrified

An investigation is underway in Queensland, Australia after ‘everyone’s’ big ring nightmare broke out on Saturday, May 13:

On a huge carousel called “The Mega Drop”, where you are lifted 30 meters into the air before dropping into a free fall, relaxed Namely, the security tape of 12-year-old Holly Brown and her friend Ada:

– I panicked. I was pretty sure I was going to die,” Brown says in an exclusive interview with News 9 Australian.

Avisa writes that the carousel falls to the ground at a speed of about 200 kilometers per hour, and adds that it is the highest free-fall carousel in Australia.

This nightmare happened at the annual event, “The Kilkoy Show.”

Complete panic

The adrenaline-seeking 12-year-old says she and her friend were 6-7 meters in the air when the safety bars suddenly opened. Suddenly, the insecure young girls were on their way up 30 meters.

– I was very, very scared. At first I thought it was a disgusting joke. Then I realized it wasn’t, says the brave little girl who explains that she tried to reach the hoop, but couldn’t reach it.

– I thought I had to amputate my feet

Brown and her friend were the only ones on the carousel at the time. Her friend’s brace also came off, but she managed to hold onto it, according to the paper.

– However, it wasn’t locked in, so I sat down and stuck it in, says Brown.

The 12-year-old says the girls panicked. She says a security officer on the ground tried to jump onto the platform of the cart that was on its way up, but fell several meters in an attempt to help the young girls.

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Then he asked the girls to jump.


According to 9 News, Brown said she was “between breaking a few bones or dying,” and that in a panic she threw herself off a carousel from a height of about seven metres. The friend stayed on the carousel.

The 12-year-old told the newspaper that everything went black when she fell and that the last thing she remembered was that she was lying in someone’s arms in agonizing pain. Someone on the ground pressed the emergency stop button on the bar, and while Brown was being examined by medical staff, her friend had to wait fifteen minutes in the carousel.

Brown’s pregnant mother Katie Sanzo, who was not present at the time of the accident, came as quickly as she could to see her daughter. According to 9 News, she was horrified when she heard about the accident.

to stop: Passengers in this whirlpool have a terrifying experience when a mechanical failure suddenly occurs. Reporter: Annabelle Brun / Video: Cameraoni
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In the aftermath of the accident, the two girls said they were fine under the circumstances, but were somewhat traumatized. Brown survived the fall with a broken leg and slight pain.

under investigation

Several safety inspectors and engineers are now investigating what may have happened during the fatal circular flight. P&C Amusements, the company that owns “The Mega Drop,” has not yet responded to 9 News’ inquiries. According to Brown, no one from the company called to apologize either.

The initiators behind “The Kilkoy Show” also will not comment on the incident as long as it is under investigation.

Born at the same time - not twins

Born at the same time – not twins

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