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Australia 1998: Hawkins wins a human rights treaty

In 1998, on a day like today, Cooldhart allowed Hawkins to win

A misunderstanding of the pits caused him to lose the race

On this day in 1998, a team agreement allowed Mika Hawkins to start the season with a win in Australia. A misunderstanding put David Goldhart in first place, but the Scotsman respected the contract they had and allowed his teammate to win.

The 1998 season began and Mika Huckinen and David Goldhardt returned as teammates at McLaren. In the first race of the year, the Australian Grand Prix defended the Hawkins Pole and started second, behind Cooldheart.

Whatever happened, they both agreed to it Whoever goes ahead in the first corner will be respected by his teammate So that was it. In the first corner Huckinen retained that first position, so in theory he had the victory in hand.

However, an error in the pits brought him close to losing the win. As Ron Dennis later revealed, Someone came on the team radio and ordered Micah to enter the garage at the wrong time.

Huckinen banged when McLaren was not ready to stop. Four laps later he stopped his pits.

Hawkins first takes turn 1 – © Sutton Pictures

Misunderstanding Cooldhart took the lead. However, David, faithful to the agreement they had made before leaving, walked slowly In the last three laps to allow Micah to win the race, a fact investigated by the World Motor Sports Council ruled that “any future action that harms the interests of the competition will be severely punished.”

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Coolheart slows Hookinen to pass – © LAT Images

This was the first of eight wins for Hawkins in that year The year of your first degree. Goldhart won only once that year and finished third, behind his teammate and Michael Schumacher.


© LAT Images

In 2019 we saw group order-filled events like the Mercedes to Bodos in the Singapore GP, and the opposite of what Russia did not accomplish in 2019 like Sebastian Vettel. Can you find something like Coldheart? 20. In F1 after so many years?

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