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Australia also orders two P-8A patrol aircraft and the United States nine

The contract for eleven devices reaches 1,600 million

Entertainment of the Australian P-8A Poseidon Marine Patrol Flight on an LHD Ship in the Country. Picture: Boeing

07/04/2021 | Washington

American company Boeing Will produce nine sea patrol aircraft P-8A Poseidon Two more for his country’s armed forces Royal Australian Air Force (Raven, For its summary in English) for $ 1.6 billion. A set of 11 new devices is provided United States Navy, The end user of devices assigned to that country. Joint Partner of the RAAF Joint Project P-8A Since 2009. This model is specifically designed to replace the old fleet of aircraft P-3 Orion Having worked in countries such as Australia, the United Kingdom, Norway and Germany, they are all new model buyers. The Orion Continue in service Spanish Air Force, Among other things, is not planned to be new Poseidon As your next alternative (The P-3 The Spaniards will discontinue service in advance in 2014, and this will be replaced by a model yet to be decided, perhaps Airbus C295).

The P-8A It is a long-range anti-submarine and surface-to-surface maritime patrol aircraft that is “important for information gathering, surveillance, reconnaissance and search and rescue operations,” the manufacturer says. There are currently 130 aircraft in service, accumulating more than 300,000 flight times.

The new purchase agreement between the United States and Australia brings the total number of aircraft to 128 P-8A Under agreement with the US Navy. The Royal Australian Air Force, for its part, has ordered these 14 aircraft.

Director and Vice President of the Project of these devices In Stu Wobor, Confirms that they continue to “receive feedback from active navies.” P-8A Exceeds all your expectations. “

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The P-8 Maritime weapons include “modern and open configuration of mission systems and business-type support to reduce costs.” In addition, the manufacturer continues, “it has been modified to include a box for bombs and pylons for weapons.

737 Military descendants of the next generation

As a military descendant of a Boeing aircraft 737 next generation, The P-8 “It combines the world’s most advanced weapons system with the cost benefits of everyone’s most popular commercial aircraft,” the source said.

The P-8 There are two types: The P-8i, Used Indian Navy, And this P-8A Poseidon, US Navy, Royal Australian Air Force and The Royal British Air Force.

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