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Australia and Facebook end their war to pay the media

  • Following in Google’s footsteps, the social network reached an economic agreement with Rupert Murdoch’s empire, News Corp, which controls 70% of the country’s media.

After months of tension and controversy, this Monday Australia Y Facebook They ended their war for media content. The Red Community Closed an economic contract News Corp., A huge media conglomerate run by conservative Mogul Rupert Murdoch, Pay your connect News On top of that Walkway.

The deal comes a month after Facebook decided to block the posting and sharing of news by Australian users in response to parliamentary approval of a controversial law. Government Forcing sea Technology giants You have to pay to link news from the media to their digital intervals and notify them of changes in them. Algorithm Recommendation. If an agreement is not reached, the law allows an organization to act as an arbitrator and force both parties to pay compensation.

Despite its reaction, Facebook was able to retreat. With its agreement with News Corp, this amount is not yet known, the platform led Mark Zuckerberg Follow in the footsteps of Google, After threatening to leave Australia by that law, reached a thirsty agreement to pay billions of dollars to Murdoch’s media company, which controls headlines such as ‘The Sun’, ‘The Wall Street Journal’ or ‘The Times’. Profit for the last quarter of 2020 was $ 261 million.

Who will win?

The fight between technology companies and executives sets a precedent for the future Information. When Facebook decided to respond to the law by blocking news sharing, the country’s political leaders accused it of not following social networking rules.

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However, experts prefer Jeff Jarvis To protect the reaction, the law is a “threat & rdquor; Media outlets such as News Corp use their influence to seek action that benefits politicians. Both deals with Facebook and Google make it clear that the best winner of that controversy is Rupert Murdoch and his media empire. Other publishers of newspapers and television networks are in talks with Facebook to reach a fee agreement.

What about the magazine?

Does that mean? Newspaper Coming out after winning? The disruption of sites like Facebook and Google has multiplied media content, however these companies have absorbed a large portion Advertising cake, Largely drying up what was the main source of income for most media. The result has been a high number Cuts And this Job insecurity Of the press department.

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Australian law seeks to answer that question. However, not a few Important They point out that the law excludes small media from receiving money from these sites and does not include the requirements for these grants to be used to promote press information. “The current plan threatens to further destabilize large traditional media companies and accidentally destroy media diversity,” a group of small websites condemned in September. News Corp, the main beneficiary of the deals, controls 70% of Australia’s media circulation.

Powered by Blogger Kevin RootUp to 500,000 Australians have signed a petition to the government to investigate Murdoch’s dominance over the country’s majority media.