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Australia and Singapore seek to establish tourist corridor | International

Australia and Singapore are seeking to establish the Hin An 1 Tourist CorridorResidents of Melbourne, Australia with health masks (Source: AFP / VNA)

Sydney (VNA) Australia and Singapore are struggling to reach a consensus on setting up a tourist corridor in the coming months, Marine Trade Minister Dan Tehan has said.

Don Tehan insisted there were changes with his opponent SingaporeCitizens of Southeast Asian countries vaccinated against NV, San Chun Singh, Govt-19 can work, study and enjoy vacations within Australia and do not need to be isolated in a hotel for two weeks.

Those in third countries can also enter Australia If they serve 14 days in solitary confinement in Singapore, he noted.

On the other hand, Australian citizens can travel to “Isla de Lyon” without the permission of the Interior Ministry, in connection with which they are injected.

To implement the program, both states will focus on mutual recognition of vaccination certificates and resumption of priority trips for students and businesses.

Establishing a travel corridor between Australia and Singapore, in which New Zealand can participate, will be an important step in reopening Oceania’s largest country’s border gates. /.


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