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Australia enforces legislation requiring technology companies to pay for news – technology news – technology

Facebook and Google Under the new law approved in the country this Thursday, they will have to pay the Australian media to use their content, and this is closely followed around the world in the battle for the survival of traditional journalism.

Then the law was passed Facebook and Google Reach agreements to avoid being subject to a binding arbitrator. This clarifies the way these two digital behemoths can invest millions of dollars in local content deals.

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The law could serve as a precedent for resolving conflicts between technology giants and global regulators to balance the relationship between the traditional media – the financial crisis – and the giants who dominate the Internet and capture the bulk of advertising revenue.

The government said The law guarantees that newspaper companies “receive fair pay for the content they create.”Thus helping to maintain a public interest journal in Australia. ”

Google, He has already agreed to pay a “substantial sum” in exchange for the content of News Corp, Rupert Murdoch’s press team in favor of the new law.

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His position of refusing to pay is further confirmed, Facebook Initially confronted by Australian authorities and prevented the publication of links to local or international media news. The owner of Instagram and WhatsApp ended up backtracking with a last-minute deal with the authorities.

Google and Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg’s team, said They will each invest $ 1,000 million In news content for the next three years.

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Google will pay for features featured on its new Google News Showcase tool, and Facebook will also pay for features featured on its news product, which will launch in Australia this year. In the case 1 billion announced Facebook will pay $ 600 million into the media from 2018 onwards.

A role model?

The whole world is closely following the Australian initiative. Yes Google and Facebook They seem to have reached a solution in that country, which does not mean the end of their problems. The European Union, Canada and other countries hope to regulate the sector.

“There is no doubt that Australia is waging a proxy war for the entire planet
“Australian Finance Minister Josh Friedenberg said on Tuesday.

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The giants of the digital sector do not want negotiations with the media in Australia to be mandatory, and an independent arbitrator must rule in case of conflict. They feared a precedent that would threaten their economic model.

According to Australian competition officials, Google Captures 53% of ads in the country Facebook 28%, the rest are distributed by other market players such as press groups, which is not enough to fund quality journalism.

The press crisis was exacerbated by the economic downturn International spread of corona virus. In Australia, dozens of newspapers have been shut down and hundreds of journalists lost their jobs.

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