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Australia is reducing domestic flights to boost domestic tourism

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Government Australia A millionaire announced this Thursday A package to boost the tourism industry, Include Half of the approximately 800,000 domestic air tickets To 13 places like the Great Barrier Reef in the Red Desert or Cairns near Alice Spring.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced a package of AUD 1.2 billion (US $ 928 million or EUR 778 million). Update the National Tourism Department Severe success in the aftermath of the epidemic.

The spread of Govt-19, which forced Closing the international border from March 2020 And severe Travel control Within the country, many details of the agreement between the authorities and the airlines are yet to be confirmed.

The federal government has not explained what will happen in the hypothetical case Regions decide to close national borders, As regional governments have authority over internal borders, such as those that occurred during epidemics.

The subsidy, which allows tickets to be sold at half price, is valid from April 1 to July.

We will act on medical (expert) advice“The Treasury Minister of the Australian state of Queensland Cameron Dick told the ABC station that one of the jurisdictions that closed its borders due to the Govt-19 epidemic.

Grant, this Allows tickets to be sold at half price, Will be in use from April 1 to July, however its acquisition will allow these domestic flights to be made until September this year.

Wage subsidy and unemployment

This package has been announced for tourism A few months later the government suspended wage subsidies at the end of the month Additional unemployment will reduce benefits.

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Anti-epidemic management is one of the best in the world, accumulating some from the onset of the epidemic 29,057 Govt-19 cases have been confirmed, Of them 909 deaths and 117 active cases.

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