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Australia is trying to veto another Toyota GR Yaris ad

Author: Javier Lopez jlopezbryan96 March 5, 2021 2 minutes

Australia v. Toyota is once again trying to veto an ad for the Toyota GR Yaris, on the grounds that it encourages reckless driving.

The Toyota GR Yaris It has been on everyone’s lips for a long time thanks to its status as a licensed rally car. This is no less, as the market has long been unable to experience such a special homolution as the Japanese application. With all of this, GR Yaris was able to win almost everyone’s mind. We almost all say that because there are definitely those who don’t like it Government of Australia, Who at this time tried to veto the ad again for multiple applications.

This is not the first time Australia has thrown out an ad for a Japanese brand, which was recently removed. At this point, this second attempt is not progressing, but it is clear that they will not stop until the announcements are blocked until they reach their goal. Reckless driving is encouraged Get used to it as well.

Australia explained Toyota’s latest announcement about the GR Yaris after receiving numerous complaints about its content. In it, you see the latest Japanese bomb blast sliding down the dirt tracks under control with Australian pilot Harry Bates, then entering an asphalt area and saying goodbye with a message: Rally car for the road.

It has generated a number of complaints and reports to the Advertising Standards Community Group, a company that ensures communications that avoid false standard advertising or cause damage. With this prototype, different complaints arose, accusing them of “driving this type of vehicle not creating myths, but the dead.” ToyotaFaced with the situation he decided to respond immediately.

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The Japanese brand claims that its advertising does not violate any industry codes because “the ad shows that ordinary Toyota cars are operated safely and in compliance with all road regulations.” At the same time, Toyota points out that it does not exceed the legal speed of the road during a taxi at any time and that cars are closely monitored at all times.

Despite the complaint, Australia’s Independent Advertising Regulatory Commission ruled Off-road views are not unsafe. In this way, Toyota emerges from a complex situation after recently releasing an ad, in which a GR. Yaris can be seen sliding out of a garage.

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