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Australia, New Hollywood

  • Antibodes have become the home of many stars inspired by the new Eden of filming and good weather and government-subsidized paradise without Govt.

  • Across the Pacific, Broadway shows and major studios have been hit by the epidemic

When Broadway shows are still closed And this The big Hollywood studios are bolted on Waiting for it Improve epidemics in the United States, On the other hand, the Pacific In Australia, the shooting of new films is on the rise and a good cast has already settled (Or they are looking for a mansion at this time), an inspired one Climate-blessed land, landscapes and beaches of film and epidemics by Govt are evident in their absence (For example, in California, cases are in the thousands and deaths in the hundreds). Tight border closures and severe isolation have wiped out epidemics in Sydney or Byron Bay (in the south-eastern state of New South Wales), the Gold Coast (south of Brisbane, in the state of Queensland), Adelaide (south) or the capital. Thane, Canberra (southwest). This is the golden triangle of the so-called ‘runaway products’.

The Australian Government, aware of this excellent advertising campaign for the country, contributes its sand grain, for example, by announcing it Will subsidize the latest blockbuster with 4.2 million To be filmed later this year, Incidentally titled ‘Tickets to Heaven’ (‘Ticket to Heaven’), with Julia Roberts Y George Clooney As protagonists. Many stars from the United States have gone through appropriate imprisonment in luxury hotels and private security. Matt Damon, One of the actors who came in January, has spent thousands of dollars on doctors, cleaners and security guards, and explained in a statement that he is committed to keeping the virus and reputation Australia is a “lucky country” and a new mecca for cinema. These are its main ‘sets’ and the new locations of various stars.


Natalie Portman, Christian Bale, Matt Damon, Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth

The movie ‘Thor 4: Love and Thunder‘, Will hit theaters around the world on May 6, 2022, again directed and written by New Zealander Taiga Waiti, And present Natalie Portman Back to astronomer Jane Foster, finally Lady Thor, One of the most beloved characters of the fans Marvl. In addition to the Oscar for ‘Film Noir’, they have traveled to Sydney Christian Bale, Chris Broad, Matt Damon Y Tessa Thompson. Star of Rights, Australian Chris Hemsworth, This time it will still be a character (by the way, his wife, the Spanish actress Elsa Padakki, Netflix ‘Thriller’ ‘Interceptor’ shoot in the same city).

Following the evolution of the comic book character, Portman’s character will now become a real superhero, able to catch the hammer of the thunder god like a new movie. For this, the Israeli actress has gained muscle, as can be seen in some of the photos leaked from the shoot.

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Idris Elba and Tilda Swindon

One year later than expected due to the outbreak of the epidemic, London actors are filming in the northern suburbs of the city at the end of February ‘Three thousand years of nostalgia’, ‘Mad Max’ is a film directed by the creator of the story, George Miller. With a budget of $ 60 million, it tells the story of “a lonely and bitter British woman who meets geniuses on a trip to Istanbul”.

Since last December, the young Irish protagonist of the ‘Normal People’ (Amazon Prime) series has been after sending related checks and antigovit checks on Australian lands. Next Melissa Pereira, In the main role, the stars ‘Carmen‘, A review of the famous Pseudo opera, by French choreographer and husband of Natalie Portman, Benjamin Milbead makes his directorial debut (One with the hat in the photo).

The British comedian from the movie ‘Borat’ She met 20 years ago, and since 2010 the Australian actress has been the wife and mother of her three children Isla Fisher. The couple certainly seem to have retreated to Hollywood and started a new life in Sydney. The marriage of the stars ‘Trump temporarily moved to escape from America’ He has been threatened by Maga (‘Zoom America back’) supporters because of his pictures and his comments on Twitter, but now he is already trying to establish his company ‘Forever’ house in ‘Down Under’, The dialect known in Australia, “under the lower”, “in the southern hemisphere”. The ‘Sydney Washington HeraldThe couple was caught last week when they visited a mansion east of the city for sale for $ 11 million.

Gold Beach

The protagonist of ‘Costaway’ or ‘Forest Gump’ and his wife, Rita Wilson, I know They were infected with Govt-19 A year ago, at the beginning of the epidemic, when they went to Australia to participate in the production Biographical tape ‘Elvis’, Movement Boss Luhrmann (‘Moulin Rouge’ and ‘The Great Gatsby’), in which Hanks plays the ‘Colonel’ Tom Parker, Who was the shadow manager of the ‘rock king’. Several months later, at the end of September, filming resumed State of Queensland. If things don’t go wrong, ‘Biopic’ is scheduled to be screened on November 5th by Warner Bros. Pictures and HBO Max. In his role, Hanks’ favorite is his’ hairstyle ‘.

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Julia Roberts y George Clooney

Director Ol Parker (‘Mamma Mia!’) Reunites for the fifth time in Hollywood’s most powerful couple: Julia Roberts Y George Clooney. Comedy ‘Ticket to Paradise’ (Universal Pictures), which will start shooting later this year Gold Beach, Brisbane And this Islas Witsunde, Divorced couples must travel together to Bali to prevent their daughter from marrying the wrong man. Step ‘VarietyMinister Fletcher has announced that production will be subsidized with 4.2 million euros out of the 353 million allocated for the development of the state of Queensland.

Vico Mortensen y Colin Farrell

The New Yorker Vico Mortensen And irlándés Colin Farrell, As well as Australians Joel Edgerton, The best faces of the cast ‘Thirteen Lives’, Director’s Plan Ron Howard (‘A Wonderful Mind’ or ‘The Da Vinci Code’) About the famous 2018 rescue of a dozen children and their football coach who were trapped for several days in a flooded pit system in a deep, impenetrable cave in Thailand. According to the portal ‘Deadline‘, Mortensen will play rescue expert Richard Stanton; Farrell and Edgerton will play divers. The Australian government has invested 8.5 million euros in production It has been filming on the Gold Coast since March. In response, the Minister of Communications, Security, Cybernetics and the Arts, Paul Fletcher, The film is expected to pay $ 63 million to the local economy, creating 435 jobs directly for filming.

Beaches on the Gold Coast, known as ‘Australian Miami’, Hawaii, Where and so on Twain Johnson Spent his early years. This is what the series is all about since he started wrestling before becoming the star of ‘La Roca’. ‘Young Rock’ That NBC Registered in Australia. The first season consists of 11 episodes, and when the actor is 10 years old, he goes on until he reaches university Institute and Tennessee, His colleagues thought he was an intruder policeman from the age of 15, he looked like he was 48 years old. He said it with a smile on social networks, though That time in his life made him miserable. The episodes do not reach their passage via WWE, but their first fight at markets, repositories and exhibitions is $ 50.

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The Australian capital has been pretending it really is since the beginning of this year Washington DC, Action Film and Car Chase Organization ‘Black light‘, Who drives Mark Williams And stars Liam Neeson. Senior The Irish actor arrived in Sydney in November, the city where he completed the forced isolation. In addition to the city’s many jobs, local media have coded that production has declared more than a million bucks for the city’s treasures.


First California Statue of ‘High School Music’ and ‘Baywatch’ Screened on Netflix With feet on the floor A healthy and sustainable travel and life plan-, nothing in his life is the same. In one of those chapters he warned his followers: he needed a change of scene, a more sober and quiet life, so he made a tough decision. Packing and He left the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles to settle in the country that stole his heart: Australia. It is installed Byron Bay (South of Brisbane), where he admires nature, and some recognize him. But it also moves through other places. He filmed in South Adelaide in December ‘Gold‘, A thriller about the greed and survival of two strangers who stumble into what might be a gold mine in the middle of the Australian desert.

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