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Australia: - Puppies shot due to Corona restrictions

Australia: – Puppies shot due to Corona restrictions

Several dogs that were captured waiting to be cared for by an animal shelter were instead shot by local authorities in New South Wales, Australia last week, due to coronary restrictions. Milder The Sydney Morning Herald.

They write that there were ten dogs out of a total of fifteen that were shotThis has led to strong reactions from animal activists – and led to an investigation by the authorities.

It will avoid infection

Borkshire Council is said to have decided to kill the dogs to prevent volunteers at an animal shelter from traveling and taking animals last week, as travel required under Corona restrictions will not be allowed.

They should have decided to implement this measure to protect their employees and the local community from the risk of infection, a spokesperson for the authorities tells the Sydney Morning Harald.

out of the window: Several shocked passersby tried to help a dog hanging from the window. Reporter: Agusta Magnusdottir. Video: alejandram.94.
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The Sidney Morning Herald has tried to contact the board of directors several times, to no avail. A member of Rural Outback Resempt/Rescue, which was due to receive the dogs, would not comment on the information for the newspaper.

Deep despair

A source familiar with the scheme stated that staff at the front desk who were scheduled to pick up the dogs are upset about what happened. They even claim that they were able to handle dogs in keeping with the restrictions.

Animal release activist Lisa Ryan says she was appalled and sick of the decision, and called for an urgent investigation.

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“We are deeply and appallingly concerned by this tragic incident, and completely reject the municipality’s unacceptable justification for the fact that these killings were apparently carried out as part of a Corona-safe plan,” Ryan told the Sydney Morning Herald.

Animal welfare organization RSPCA New South West is now working to expose any violations.