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Australia. Regent Honeyman forgets his song; In danger of extinction

Sydney, Australia /

The Mielero regente, A Australian bird In danger he loses the ability to sing, a sign that he may be close DestructionThe team of scientists warned Wednesday.

Its rapid decline Singing bird Researchers say that when adults disappear, mating calls cannot be learned by young people Australian National University.

The Male Regent Honeysuckle A I am singing Rich and complex type Shadows In Habitats Scientists say the study, published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B, is more populous but simplified elsewhere.

Leading author Rose Grates says the findings are “a sign that the ruling honeymoon is on the verge of death.” Destruction“Because losing the ability to sing reduces the chances of mating.

“It simply came to our notice then population HoneyS We know that an attractive song increases chances Reproduction Singing birds, “he said.

Scientists discovered it 18 Miles Regents, About 12 percent of the total male population can only reproduce the sounds of other organisms, but not their own.

“Lack of ability to communicate with his own race No. precedente In the animal world, “said Dean Stojanovic, co-author of the study.

“It simply came to our notice then Regent Mileros They are so rare that some young men do not have the adults to teach them. “

Scientists believe that only a few hundred Regent Mileros Stay inside Freedom.

This bird, is White, black and yellow feathers, Was previously in the East Australia But now it is basically defined Eucalyptus forests In the southeast of the country.

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The study also found that Regent Mileros Was born Captivity They have different songs that reduce the attraction to the birds in the forest.

Scientists now hope to teach Captive birds With the help of recordings, they can sing as freely as their peers.