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Australia to investigate work culture in parliament after abuses

The Australian government announced the investigation Work culture In Parliament of Canberra, After a former consultant Liberal Party The ruler denounced him as having been raped 2019 Inside Parliament offices by a colleague.

The Special Minister of Condition, Simon Birmingham, Said the inquiry will be led by the Commissioner of Sexual Discrimination. Kate Jenkins, Will present its final report next November with recommendations for replacement Work practices and culture In Parliament.

“The Parliament of Australia Be a role model to follow … reflect the best practices to prevent and respond to any level of bullying, sexual harassment or sexual harassment, “he said. Birmingham To journalists in Adelaide.

The investigation comes after a former Liberal Party adviser Brittany Higgins, Denounced that he was raped in 2019 by a colleague in the office Minister of Defense, Who was Linda Reynolds at the time.

Later, three other women with unknown identities said they had been assaulted or unnecessarily touched by the same man, who was fired for the charges, and another complaint was made against the Labor legislator.

Complaint Higgins brought to light the charge against a Minister of Canberra Administrator, Which is said to have been violated at the time, and its identity is unknown Sydney For a woman 32 years ago, when she was 16 years old.

On Wednesday, the attorney general, Christian Porter, confirmed that he was not the author of the breach and did not name whether he would continue in his post.

The investigation into this historic violation was closed by state police this week New South Wales, With jurisdiction Sydney, Among other reasons, due to lack of evidence that the accused did not issue a formal statement prior to the suicide last year.

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But the state police Australia Del Sur is still investigating the circumstances of the woman’s death, and her case has prompted calls from various quarters for an independent inquiry into the political gesture given by the closure of Legal Avenue.

Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrison, Who agreed with Porter and refused to order an independent inquiry into the allegations against his lawyer, has apologized before handling Higgins’ complaint.

For his part, Minister Reynolds, who is currently in charge of defense, apologized for calling him a “lying cow.” Higgins.

In addition to the trial Jenkins, The government has ordered three more people to handle complaints Sexual abuse How much does the Prime Minister’s Office know about Higgins’ complaint and workplace culture in the ruling coalition’s offices in the Canberra Parliament?