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Australia: Victoria International Container Terminal acquires six Kalmar Autoshootels

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Kalmar Providing Victoria International Container Terminal (VICT) Six Kalmar Autoshoots to Use in Web Doc East Puerto de Melbourne.

Delivery is expected to be completed by the end of the fourth quarter of 2021.

VICT It is the first automated container terminal in the country to own International Container Terminal Services, Inc. The 35-hectare terminal has a TEU capacity of over one million and is the only terminal in Melbourne capable of handling the largest container vessels. VICT’s operations are powered by Kalmar One Automation System, a complete system that integrates automation equipment, software and its technical support.

New Six Kalmar Autoshotils Will join the 11 existing fleets as part of a capacity expansion plan VICT.

John Wheeler, CEO Del Victoria International Container Terminal, “The new Autoshotils will allow for greater productivity in the automated operating system and will be more flexible for maintenance interruptions,” he said.

“Our ability to deliver fully assembled and tested machines will ensure that their operations are minimally disrupted and start adding value to the customer immediately,” he said. Daniel Ho, Vice President, Asia Pacific Sales for Kalmar.

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