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Australia wants to create a “Super Cola” | Starting …

Australian experts are trying to create one “Super Cola”, Matching stallions from the mainland with women survivors of wildfires on Kangaroo Island will kill them and control some of the most genetically modified diseases.

“Super colas will be that They are more likely to cope with climate change and other emerging diseases And the challenges that colas face, “Chris Daniels, managing director of Cola Life, told reporters at the Foreign Press Association, which owns Efe.

At the center of the project, 28 young koalas rescued from the 2019-20 “Black Summer” wildfire, 50 percent of Kangaroo Island, burned 112 kilometers southwest of Adelaide, and were transferred to Cleland Wildlife. Park, south of that metropolis.

That devastating fire killed 90 percent of the kangaroo’s 50,000 koala population and destroyed all habitat. One of those marsupials, which means “not drinking” in the tribal language, indicates that 90 percent of their hydration comes from the eucalyptus leaves they eat.

Golden children

“It simply came to our notice then None of them have chlamydia, A disease that kills its relatives off the east coast of Australia, only a few have been infected with the retrovirus (CORV). For this reason, these 28 animals that have been rescued are called “golden babies” because of the possibility that they may have to save the creatures because of this strangeness.

The other side of the coin is the low genetic type of kangaroo colas, which is due to insularity, but mainly All are descendants of 18 models brought to the island in the 1920s, The unregulated trade of their skins led to the destruction of these marsupials in South Australia.

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In an effort to save the kangaroo cola, and the rest of the species, experts from South Australia want to import males from the neighboring state of Victoria, such as the Stresslecky Mountains, within a week.

In September, during the southern spring, the aim was to rescue twenty women from Kangaroo Island and produce ten young children a year.

“They are incredibly valuable animals.”According to Daniels at Cleland Park, these super colas are “more genetic and less susceptible to disease and genetic conditions”, for example, affecting the liver or sperm.

Recover Kangaroo Island

With about 250,000 hectares of burnt land on Kangaroo Island, The chances of Colas surviving are uncertainDespite the efforts of experts such as the Seed Bank of the Adelaide Botanical Garden, they are trying to reintroduce some types of native plants.

Cola, a highly sensitive animal and particularly sensitive to any changes in the environment, spends about 20 hours a day fainting or resting, using the remaining four hours to feed on the leaves of a few dozen species of eucalyptus.

In the aftermath of catastrophic fires, “it’s hard to know what they look like”, colas (Pascularctose synerios), which previously had to be sterilized to prevent their population from erupting, are now struggling to get the little food available that will be “enough food to feed the next generation”.