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Australia will manufacture its missiles as part of its millionaire defense program

This content was released on March 31, 2021 – 07:40

SYDNEY (Australia), March 31 (EFE) .- The Australian government announced on Wednesday that it was promoting the local construction of its own guided missiles as part of a $ 1 billion ($ 760 million) arms development program. ). US $ 9,9649 million).

“Building our own sovereignty on Australian soil is essential to keeping Australians safe, while the security supply chain provides thousands of local jobs in companies across the country,” said Scott Morrison, the first Australian minister.

The President also pointed out that by creating a Sovereign Guidance Arms Company, a strategic industrial partner would be selected to support the new company in the production of missiles and guided weapons for use in the Australian Defense Forces.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, companies such as Radeon, Lockheed Martin, Kongsberg and PAE Systems are considered bidders for the job, which will allow Australia to replace missiles currently purchased overseas.

For his part, Defense Minister Peter Dutton pointed out that Australia, which works closely with the United States, would ensure adequate arms supplies in the event of a disruption in supply chains.

Australia recently announced its partnership with the United States, its long-standing military friendship and partner in the secret Five Eyes Intelligence Network (including the United Kingdom, Canada and New Zealand). Exceeds the speed of sound.

The Australian Strategic Policy Institute estimates that the maritime nation, which last produced its missiles in the 1960s, will spend about $ 100 billion ($ 75.963 billion or $ 64.882 billion) over the next 20 years. Buy weapons and guide missiles.

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