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Australia will receive the first Kubra Formers in 2022

This morning we advanced that Kupra, a Spanish company, will begin its business operations in Australia in 2022., An interesting step finally taken in the seat after checking how many users are interested in the brand’s vehicles.

Seat has sold its vehicles in Australia on several occasions But is not very suitable due to the partially selected importer without much success. For years, the Cordoba “reasonably priced” car was a popular television show that had millions of viewers in the late 90s.

Since the seat does not have its own identity in Australia, டாkoda is already enjoying good stats, The Volkswagen Group has chosen to introduce Kubra as a sports style brand to attract the attention of younger users looking for a different product.

By 2022, Kubra Formenters will not be limited by a mechanical limit in the first half of the year, but of course It will start with the 2.0 DSI 190 CV DSG as it already takes place in New Zealand. Of course the star of the range will be the 2.0 DSI with 310hp, and we don’t know if even the special VZ5 will be offered.

After the foreman, Atteka and Leon should come, The latter even with a family body that gives some family members success in this market like the டாkoda Octavia Combi RS. If successful, seat models could be sold in a few years, but for now Attempts will be made to prioritize Kubra This leaves a high profit margin, which is important to fully position itself in a new market.