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Australian cats kill 2 billion animals a year

New Haven in Australia is currently fighting cats, the culprit Two billion animal deaths per year. By not distinguishing between the species they hunt, dangerous and other dangers are trapped in their prey. The data was gathered in a statement issued by the Australian Parliament this February, indicating that the cats are on the verge of extinction of 34 species and 74 endangered species.

In response, the company provided Noah with a plan to control what happened in New Haven. This report suggests greater cooperation between all levels of government in dealing with cats and pets. This should be put on hold as soon as every wild cat in Australia is killed 390 mammals, 225 reptiles and 130 birds On average.

Fifty nations unite to prevent the fall of nature

Eva Gonzalez

The report recommends a number of steps to be taken to reduce the impact of cats on other areas of nature Smithsonian Mac. First, pet owners need to control their cats. This is a move Liability on the part of the owners Your animals will not overeat.

Mandatory curfew order

Second, owners should ask their cats to hunt and be neutral Reduce the number of unwanted junk And removal of stray animals. What has caused so much dissatisfaction in the letter is that governments have been asked to impose night curfew orders to prevent pets from walking after dark.

Curfew orders “will benefit native nocturnal mammals but will not save birds and reptiles They work mainly during the day. “Anticipating strenuous efforts, Charles Darwin University biologist John Voynersky agrees: “Domestic cats kill 83 million native reptiles and 80 million Australian birds each year. In wildlife view, cats are controlled 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Responsible choice.”

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Curfew Order Prevent Pets From Walking After Dark (Unsplash)

The third way is to hunt cats indigenously, which is considered an immediate tool to reduce it. Number of wild specimens. This is a practice that the tribes have been feeding these cats since 1890. However, cat hunting has become a protected activity over the past two decades.

Finally, the report acknowledged what had happened in New Haven Can only be solved by using the first two steps And the use of cat hunters to remove wildlife, build fences and reintroduce endangered species.