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Australian G.P. The studies will move permanently to November

This year they will celebrate their race near the MotoGP date in November

The transition to the Australian F1 and MotoGP is on the table

The organizers of the Australian Grand Prix are exploring the date change between the Formula 1 race from 2022, the calendar opening in March, and the MotoGP race at the end of the year.

Formula 1 is forced to change the calendar this season because restrictions have been increased in some areas to visit. Australia, one of the Grand Prix affected by these changes, will play its race on November 21 instead of March 21.

This change of date has caused the event organizers to meditate and schedule three possible alternatives to the regular calendar. Goes through the first Exchange of dates between Formula 1 Grand Prix and MotoGP Grand PrixAs the Prime Minister class shifts his life to Australia at the end of the season.

Another alternative is to move both events to October and November. Finally, migration of both species between February and March at the beginning of the year is not ruled out.

“The change we are currently undergoing with the Formula 1 event in November gives us the opportunity to study different situations. Either way, both events take place at the beginning of the season, in February or March,” said the managing director of the Australian Grand Prix, the Andrew Westcoat American web site In the statement.

“Another is that both races are held at the end of the season, in October or November Exchange, MotoGP at the beginning and F1 at the end“, Added.

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Of course, there is always the option to keep calendars intact. Westcott insists nothing has been decided yet and that they are excited that the race in Melbourne will open Formula 1 season.

There is nothing definite about calendars in 2022. We have always enjoyed the initial racing status of Formula 1. It fits us and is a cornerstone of Melbourne’s calendar of events, “he recalled.

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