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Australian Jay Hindley beats Jiro like Boomerang - Liberation

Australian Jay Hindley beats Jiro like Boomerang – Liberation

After losing the pink jersey on the last day of the race two years ago, the 26-year-old rider made a successful return to Italy, winning this Sunday in Verona. Thus winning the first grand tour of his career.

When he appeared in pink on the streets of Milan two years ago, Jay Hindley did not believe it. After all, the Australian is not the captain of his team, Sunweb, which is not ideal for a final victory. But by the end of a three-week tumultuous race, he had swallowed most of his favorites one by one – those who had fallen, those who had suffered from Govt disease – and he was still there. And the pink overcoat was recovered on the final day of the race. It was not planned, but it was like this: Hindley led Ziro, and everyone thought it was a stroke of luck. The miracle lasted only a few hours since the ordinary Australian player in the final training session of the time trial gave up his title to Britain’s Tao Geogen Hart on the final day.

When he appeared in pink on the streets of Verona this Sunday afternoon, Jay Hindley was no longer surprising anyone. The Australian has beaten Giro, the first major tour of his career, and it owes nothing to the opportunity. First, the 26-year-old cyclist showed co-chairman status on his Bora-Hanskrohe team. He then developed an amazing power at times as he was undoubtedly the strongest rider of this Italy tour. Hindley climbed to the pinnacle of the Blackhaws, especially in the 9th round, in a plot that resulted from the first real difficulty of the journey, Edna’s climb. While some in this difficult ascent of Abruzzo had already lost Ziro, the Australian leaders were successful within a small group. He was at the big table and had no mind to leave it.

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Powder shot at Passo Fedoya

Hindley was right there, ahead of Ecuador, when Olympic champion and tournament favorite Richard Carpas took off his pink jersey in Turin. Then in the third week, when he had to face consecutive passes, he stuck with Carapace, still a few seconds behind in the general classification. Meanwhile, the other rivals dropped the curve: the Spaniard Landa gave up precious seconds, while the Portuguese Almeida and the French Bardet were sick. However Auvergne seemed very comfortable and we wanted him to get involved in the big explanation until the end. At least Zero imagined him on stage, maybe better. Eternal sorrows.

The race turned into a fight between Hindley and Carabas and the revolvers were taken decisively from their holders at the Queen stage on Saturday. Powder kick in Passo Fedoya: Ecuador attack on final boom, but Australian faces it immediately. On the road, he saw his teammate Kamna, who had escaped the previous day. The Germans found evidence of the abduction of the Australians, enough to unleash Carabas and allow Hindley to fly. Symbol of collective performance represented by Hindley’s victory: If the Perth native cuts off Prosecco this Sunday, he too is indebted to his team. Bora-Hanscrohe has deployed a formidable staff on Italian roads where everyone seemed ready to serve others. Hindley was able to convince Gulderman that his claims about Hindley’s general classification had exploded in the capture of the pink jersey.

Romy Yo and Juliet

On the final day of the race, Hindley reclaims the pink jersey, as he did two years ago, but for a different effect. Between the two limits of this story, there was a long hesitation. A 2021 season fall and illness prevented the Australian from finishing most of the races he had participated in. He started the tour of Italy and left almost anonymously in the evening of the 13th phase. We think he’s only a shooting star. “All around me, on social media, I heard that 2020 was a stroke of luck, and it was so frustrating because I trained so hard,” He says At Team. But I talked to my relatives and everyone told me I would return to my position this year. I believed it, I’m here, I’m happy. “ After coming to Verona, Hindley had to abandon Giro last year, in the same city – Romeo and Juliet – where he was crowned. The boomerang-like pink has come back to him in recent days.

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