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Australian police launch investigation into allegations of raping a woman brought against a government minister

Australian Parliament

The Australian Police Reported this Saturday Initiation of an investigation into a complaint filed against the Minister of State for Maritime Affairs, who has not yet been identified, for allegedly raping a woman in 1988..

In a statement, the Federal Police promised to liaise with the concerned state authorities without providing further details of the alleged occupier.

The attack was reported in 1988 Four corners of ABC, Quoting one Anonymous letter shared by a source close to the victim.

Asked whether the concerned officer should be set aside, the Finance Minister, Simon Birmingham, He was asked to remain calm and follow the procedures.

“Everyone has the right to natural justice and the police need to be supported to do their job.”Birmingham explained to reporters in Adelaide.

The woman who blamed the minister committed suicide in June 2020. Before he died, he sent a letter to Parliament promising to report the matter to New South Wales Police. Sydney Morning Herald.

Although two senators said an anonymous letter had been sent to Morrison, the prime minister’s media advisers did not confirm the information.

The revelation comes two weeks after the Prime Minister of Australia said, Scott Morrison, Order a Research on work culture in Parliament, then what A former government adviser has denied that he was raped in the building in 2019 by a colleague.

Brittany HigginsLinda Reynolds, then Minister of Industry, is now Minister of Defense. He promised that he had been raped by a colleague in the civil service office in Parliament, After a party attended by several members of the party.

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Higgins said on the online news page He reported the attack to one of his superiors and was invited to take part Meeting in the same room where the rape took place.

It has been a few months since the woman, then 24, achieved what she defined as “a dream job”. During the meeting, he had the feeling that his superiors were making a choice between his life or reporting the facts to the police.

These facts come to light after others Sexual assault, intimidation and harassment scandals Revealed in recent years Truth and discrimination against women in Australian politics.

(Photo: Shutterstock)
(Photo: Shutterstock)

The Australian Parliament has long called for RsReputation for hostile work environment on women.

The Conservative coalition in power has been particularly accused of having problems with the role of women in political life.

Many women walked out of parliament before the 2019 election, with some claiming they had been harassed.

(With information from Europa Press and AFP)

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