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Australian TV channel promotes Vietnamese cuisine | Culture-game

The Australian television channel Hin An1 promotes Vietnamese cuisineLuke Nguyen, Vietnamese-Australian chef (source:
Hanoi (VNA) – Famous Vietnamese chef 10-episode show-AustraliaLuke Nuyen on Indochina’s Gastronomy will not be broadcast on the ABC Television Channel from April 11.

Thus, the culinary journey Luke Nuen To introduce the country, the culture and people of Vietnam will be broadcast every Sunday at 20:30 (local time).

Vietnamese viewers can enjoy the series on the channel ABC Con los platoformas d mtv, vtv cap, fpd tv y vietel tv.

Luke Queen was born in Thailand to Vietnamese parents, but later settled in Australia. He is one of Australia’s most famous and successful chefs, hosts many culinary shows and is a guest on the MasterKef Vietnam Jury.

Lu Chi Quinn’s project covers the city of Ho Chi Minh and various areas from the Mekong Delta area to the center, especially Hoi An ancient city.

At the event, visitors will have the opportunity to meet the chef’s relatives in Vietnam, where they will share their secrets and experiences about traditional Indonesian cuisine.


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