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Australia’s “censorship” of Facebook: Tech expert analysis

In recent days Facebook Blocking To Australian users of news sites, Due to the country’s initiative to force the company to access this information.

The media as chains News, newspapers and magazines, They raised one Economic status Because of the small pay they get from sharing their work in these media.

For this reason, Congress under Australia Raised an attempt to force such companies Facebook a Pay for these news successes.

The American company responded a 8 day lock, Which started and ended on February 18th Agreements between the company and the government Australian.

In the midst of these events Juan Carlos Villalobos *, Director of Communications (LC) Industry at Tech Guadalajara, shared with Connecta about the siege.

¿Facebook Violence?

According to the expert, the citizens of the world have become accustomed to in recent years Stay up to date with access to social networks.

Villalopos This type of company, Because they are individuals, they have power Decide what to wear Or not on your platform.

However, he contradicted that the siege in Australia had become a dynamic one Attack on freedom of expression And access to information.

“The message was canceled Among the key mechanisms for the spread of a community – especially if it is – in the midst of an epidemic “Villalobos pointed out.

“People don’t subscribe to the media, but to Facebook advertising thanking them.”

The media crisis

“To create content, The media considers it an investment Great for paying journalists, news agency services, photographers, programmers and ‘web’ administrators., He exposed.

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The content they create Comes free Facebook What, By monetizing all your content, you are charging news organizations to keep official pages for people to read.

Because of this Acquisition of third party content at no cost, Which keeps users of the social network within the site.

“The media is losing publicity They need to reduce their staff Keep your staff.

“People Not subscribed to media, But thanks to the Facebook ad “Manager added.

A technical expert is examining the audit of Facebook in Australia

The Ideology of Money Vs. The dictatorship of information

If a user shares messages from a media, a Digital trace Tastes, preferences and consumption habits, information that came later Facebook Sell ​​to your advertisers.

“who are you? What do you like? What are you buying? From what device are you connecting? This is used by advertisers Target custom content With high sales potential ”, Villalobos explained.

An advertiser sells thanks Facebook, Can charge a higher fee Advertising services.

I add: “It simply came to our notice then Company with its own management and rules, Decide who can speak, especially if you monetize public discourse ”.

In addition to the siege in Australia, it should also be remembered that during the last presidential election in the United States, the account of former President Donald Trump was blocked.

“If you allow them it can be a dictatorship, Facebook is not democratically elected and it should not moderate public discourse.

“It simply came to our notice then That there is talk The identification of those who express hatred is evident; Who can harm us? “Villalobos said.

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The only company to look at in this equation is not the social network, because we have to consider the image of Rupert Murdoch, the leader of the chain Fox News.

“It asks the main driver of news pay and media content to pay so they can make money again.

“Like all companies, Facebook has Stakeholders expecting growth In sales, but if you start paying for content, investors will not see growth ”, Confident.

A technical expert is examining the audit of Facebook in Australia

The beginning of the end?

Unlike Facebook, Google Already accepted Pay media in Australia, Through the situation, Juan drew a possible resolution.

Although they are currently in talks, the expert pointed it out “To Facebook It retreated Cancel services.

“The moment they face is one World Government Camp, They should fold their hands ”, Stressed.

Villalobos considers it Facebook To Review your business model, It will be favorable to all parties because it has a long history, high quality and editorial sternness will be provided in support of the magazine.

Finally, the media and Facebook, Understand Relationship between content and sitesNone of them just want to lose money; Especially newspapers and news organizations.

“Facebook a Abuse by assigning content, He concluded.

* Juan Carlos Villalobos

Specializes in communication and media, community and the implications of the use of communication and media.

He holds a master’s degree in communication and digital media from the University of Washington in Seattle, USA.

Collaborated for public service in Jalisco. He is currently working as an educator in the fields of communications and human development at Tech Guadalajara.

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Expert in Content Strategy on Digital Media, Media Literacy, Reputation in Networks, Communication and Use of MediaFilation.

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