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Austria is the first democracy with a compulsory vaccination.  The fist is tightened in many countries.  Makes opponents angry.

Austria is the first democracy with a compulsory vaccination. The fist is tightened in many countries. Makes opponents angry.

Austria is closed on Monday. From February, everyone is forced to vaccinate. These protesters in Vienna don’t want any of that. They demonstrated on Saturday.

All Austrians must be vaccinated. Opponents are now demonstrating in several European countries.

“resistance!” “resistance!” The cries of at least 40,000 angry Austrians marched steadily through the center of the capital, Vienna, on Saturday.

Why were they so angry?

  • Because the government decided on Friday that coronary vaccination will be mandatory across Austria from February.
  • And already on Monday, November 22, the country will be closed in a complete lockdown for 20 days.

Thus Austria became the first country in Europe – and the first democracy in the world – to impose a vaccine on citizens who do not want the vaccine.

We were not able to get enough unvaccinated people to get vaccinated, Alexander Schallenberg said on Friday.

The chancellor held the job for only a month, but now she is radically ramping up the country’s vaccination strategy.

The intervention measures come because hospital intensive care units are on the verge of collapse from critical coronary heart disease.

– Genocide!

Two angry young protesters in Vienna were more concerned on Saturday about what they believe is a dangerous vaccine. They did not spare the powder:

– It’s so awful. More and more young people are dying from vaccine injuries! The two anonymous women told the newspaper that there was simply a genocide here, and almost no one noticed it Standard Saturday.

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“Control the borders, not the people,” read one banner in Vienna on Saturday. In advance, right-wing extremists called for demonstrations against the coronation measures.

Also, far-right participants

Many believe that the true number of protesters in Vienna was 100,000, not “only” 40,000, police said. At least the newly formed MFG party against the vaccine was there. It was also the right-wing nationalist Freedom Party (FPÖ), the third largest party in Austria. They called for demonstrations.

Pepper spray, arrests, and 1,300 police officers were used to take control, police admit:

Sixty-five percent of nine million Austrians have been vaccinated. The site writes that there are relatively few at the European level Politico.

Martin Mackey, professor of public health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, believes measures are the right answer:

The government does it very reluctantly, but the chancellor has few other options. If anyone had a better idea, he should say no, he told Politico.

Clamps against Corona measures in Amsterdam on Saturday.

Dutch rapporteur: “Violent orgy”

The Corona protests also ended in violent confrontations in the Netherlands. Throughout the weekend, police clashed with young protesters. On Friday, 50 people were arrested in Rotterdam, half of them minors. Four people ended up in hospital with gunshot wounds after police opened fire.

The uproar led to calls on social media to take to the streets. Ergo, the noise continued on Saturday, in both The Hague, Rotterdam and other cities. An ambulance window was smashed with a stone, and protesters threw fireworks, torched bicycles and rammed traffic signs, according to the NTB.

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The mayor of Rotterdam described Friday’s uprising as an “orgy of violence”. The Special Police Affairs Unit will now investigate the case. The demonstration in Amsterdam was more peaceful.

And the Belgian capital, Brussels, witnessed violent demonstrations on Sunday afternoon. There, police used tear gas and water cannons against thousands of protesters.

Also in the Croatian capital Zagreb, demonstrators gathered to protest the coronation measures over the weekend.

Croatia: Closure of public buildings for unvaccinated people

In Croatia, too, anger against the authorities is growing in line with infection rates. Here, less than half, 46.5%, have been vaccinated. The authorities respond with a tight fist. Now only people who have been vaccinated, or people who have had COVID-19 or have recently tested negative can access public buildings. Corona passports are already mandatory in health and social services. Now the authorities are also threatening this with cafes, gyms and other things.

And the people answer: this weekend they came in dozens of buses from all over the country to the capital, Zagreb, to demonstrate and demand the departure of Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic.

Also in Zurich and Lausanne in SwitzerlandAs well as in Italy and Northern Ireland, opponents of the measures demonstrated on Saturday.