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Available in 180 countries, Google Bard is not available in Europe

Available in 180 countries, Google Bard is not available in Europe

During the I/O conference, Google announced that its chatbot, Google Bard, is now available in 180 countries and regions. However, there are several countries missing from the list, these are European Union countries. Why?

The reason has not been officially disclosed by the search giant, but it seems reasonable to believe that it is related to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Last month, Italy banned ChatGPT for similar reasons, because the AI ​​is unable to comply with European regulations. Google also suggests that this may be the case for the Google Bard, stressing that future chatbot extensions will be made in compliance with local regulations.

“Bard is currently available in three languages ​​and in more than 180 countries and regions. We will gradually expand it to other countries and territories, while respecting local regulations and our principles regarding artificial intelligence.”And He said for google.

Some people who have access to Google Bard ask you if GDPR is the reason why it is not available in EU countries. But, as a language model, he has no real answers to give, because that answer is not yet public knowledge.

Google Bard is missing on many sites

Note that another country is missing from the list: Canada. For the first time, the US country is not subject to the General Data Protection Regulation, and the reason for its absence is also currently unknown.

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