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Avatar 2: You can ask yourself this question after watching the trailer - Actus Ciné

Avatar 2: You can ask yourself this question after watching the trailer – Actus Ciné

Avatar: The Way of the Water … Who is this man we can find between Jack Sally and Neyri? Where does he come from?

After its exclusive presentation in theaters, the trailer for Avatar 2 was finally released online before Dr. Strange 2 was released. The opportunity to see (or revisit) these first episode films of a movie that has been repeatedly postponed further strengthens anticipation.

As announced, the oceans of exotic Pandora attract the attention of this second chapter. The first images of James Cameron’s blockbuster take viewers to the green planet, whose waters are now colonized by Na’vi.

With almost no words, the trailer of less than two minutes reveals nothing about the plot of Avatar 2, although showing the heroes Jack Sully (Sam Worthington) and Neidri (Zo Saltana) gives an idea of ​​the film’s context. Their children. Surprisingly, among them, a young man must have worn a mask to live with them.

Trailer Screenshot / Disney

Where does he come from? What do we know about him?

Let’s establish the family first: Jack and Neidri are the parents of three boys, Nedium, Lok and Spider and Duktre. Three of these babies are navy and blue-skinned, but the spider has the appearance of a human, and therefore has a different appearance than his parents.

As mentioned Screen Rand, Is not the biological child of Spider-Jack and Neanderthal. From his real name Miles Sokoro, Spider (played by Jack Champion) was born on an established military base in Pandora and was adopted by Jake and Neidri. Some time ago, producer John Landau explained about him: “Jake took him away, but Neydri always saw him as one of those who destroyed his house and killed his father. (…) You have all these dynamics in the game“.

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In the Empire, the latter explained: Miles Sokoro was too young, too young, and too weak to travel to Earth after Pandora’s liberation from the Battle of Avatar. Jake volunteered to adopt Miles, nicknamed the Spider for his agility, as his entire son, who was later raised by the entire Sully family.

In the released trailer, we see Spider running near his parents. What place will he get at the center of the new plot?

The pitch of the sequel is as follows: Jake Sally and Neydri become parents. The plot takes place ten years after the events told in the original film. When the Resource Development Administration, a dangerous NGO, returns to Pandora, their beautiful lives close to nature are threatened. Forced to leave their natural habitat, Jake and his family go to the rocks, where they think they will find refuge. But they meet a clan, the Medcaina, which is different from their customs.

A film that promises a great show, but there is a lot of suspense around its storyline. Avatar: The Way of the Water will be released in theaters in France on December 14, 2022.