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Aveiro Science and Innovation Park grows in September

Aveiro Science and Innovation Park grows in September

New construction aimed at saving the sea and energy will start after summer. The complex includes a hundred companies and is almost full.

Construction of a new building in the Science and Innovation Park (PCI) begins in September, located on the outskirts of the municipalities of Aveiro and Alhavo. The information was published yesterday by João Veloso, Vice President of the University of Aveiro (UA), in an online broadcast of an integrated JN in celebration of the newspaper’s 133 years anniversary.

He explained that the building, which is the fourth to be part of the park, will have “an aspect related to the sea and energy economy, and areas of high proportion in AU research with a tremendous impact on society.” It will respond to the lack of space, PCI currently has more than a hundred companies and it is practically full. The new construction will be funded from community funds.

In the future, Joao Veloso added, another laboratory building dedicated to “health technology” is also planned, which will also accompany the research carried out in the African Union in relation to biomedical and bioengineering.

Despite the pandemic, demand for PCI has continued, which has foundations, associations and companies as shareholders, especially the University of Aveiro. “Many companies are looking to PCI to survive, seeing the potential it has due to technology transfer and innovation from the African Union,” says the university’s vice president.

International search

Pedro Almeida, the new director of the park, confirmed that the demand was very high, “not only at the national level, but also at the international level. Portugal is on the radar of large technology companies in various sectors,” noting that last week he received visits from “entrepreneurs”. . Brazil, Cape Verde and Portugal, who are looking for spaces to place their teams and work closely with the African Union. “

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PCI, identified by Pedro Almeida, “is not looking for industrial projects, but for companies that bring innovation centers to help meet the challenges of the fabric of business and society.”

These are the cases of Watgrid, PICadvanced, LUGGit and Nu-ris, which are already bringing the products to the national market and across borders (read the texts on the side).

Pedro Almeida realizes that most companies in the region are still outside PCI, but says he is “committed to working to bring them together and support them in matters of technological solutions and solving the problem of the shortage of qualified workers.”