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Avian influenza: For the first time, a human being is infected with the H5N2 virus

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At least one person has died after contracting a new type of bird flu. Information provided by Reuters The World Health Organization confirmed (from).

a The first fatal victim is a 59-year-old man, residing in Mexico. He died on April 24, the same day he sought medical help.

According to a statement by the World Health Organization, the man suffered from diarrhea, fever, breathing difficulties, and nausea Will not be in contact with infected animals. This is the first laboratory-confirmed case of H5N2 infection in humans worldwide.

Although it is not known how the man contracted the virus, an H5N2 outbreak was recently reported at a poultry farm in Michoac√°n state. Close to the victim's residence.

So far, None of the people who were in close contact with the man showed any symptoms or tested positive for bird fluThere is also no evidence that the virus is spreading between humans.

The United Nations agency considers that “the potential risk of this virus to the population is low.”

In the United States, another strain of the H5N1 virus has spread. Three livestock workers have already been injured. Given this, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, cited by Reuters, only one The man who had contact with infected livestock developed respiratory symptoms.

As for the other two injured people, one of whom is also a resident of Michigan. They had just reported conjunctivitis and recovered quickly.

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