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Avoiding the government crisis in Sweden.  But many fear the consequences of implementing NATO.

Avoiding the government crisis in Sweden. But many fear the consequences of implementing NATO.

Swedish Kurdish actress Emine Kakapavi confirmed that there is no majority to overthrow the Swedish Minister of Justice. Political scientists believe that the crisis is reminiscent of the reality show.

Swedish Kurdish politician Amina Kakapavi did not support the motion of no-confidence against the Minister of Justice after receiving assurances from the government that it would fulfill its promises last fall.

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At 12 noon on Tuesday, there was a vote in the Swedish Parliament. It is determined by the smallest possible margin.

The Swedish Democrats had submitted a no-confidence motion against Justice Minister Morgan Johansson. They thought he had failed to fight gang crime in Sweden. Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson said ahead of the weekend that the entire government would resign if Johansson was ousted.

174 voted in favor of overthrowing the Minister of Justice. They must have 175 to get the majority.

Therefore, one vote received a lot of attention: Swedish non-partisan Kurdish Amine Kakapavi.

He warns against abandoning Erdogan’s decision

Although the case is in fact related to crime, many fear it will have an impact on an entirely different issue, namely Sweden’s application to NATO.

The Social Democrats thought it dangerous to risk a crisis in the middle of the NATO process and only three months before the elections. At the Riksdag, both sides blamed each other for the chaos.

Sweden and Finland have applied for NATO membership. But Turkey sat on its hind legs. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made a number of demands to Sweden. Erdogan believes that Sweden supports what he calls Kurdish terrorists.

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The fact that Amina Kakapavi wanted to be tongue in cheek in voting for the Minister of Justice could have an impact on the fate of the entire government.

Kakapavi believes that Sweden should reject Erdogan’s demands. She says this is about Sweden’s independence, and that Ankara cannot dictate to Sweden.

Should our freedom of expression be adapted to Erdogan’s demands? Should the head of state decide who is our defense minister? Should the ambassador of another country be able to decide whether another country should extradite a member of parliament? he asked like a kiss.

She chose to abstain. Therefore, the motion of no-confidence did not receive a majority. In advance, Kakapavi received assurances from the government that the Social Democrats would abide by last fall’s agreement. It sought to support Kurdish groups in northern Syria.

deny surrender

The opposition accused the government of granting the non-partisan representative too many powers. The leader of the Moderates party, Ulf Christerson, said it was the prime minister himself who had threatened a government crisis. What they wanted was to get rid of the Minister of Justice.

Prime Minister Magdalena Anderson’s answer is that they have not succumbed to Kakapavi’s demands.

It is very clear to Turkey and everyone else that we have not given up. However, the opposition is now trying to rewrite history. The question is why the opposition would choose not to trust a minister, knowing that it would shed light on Amina Kakapavi, Andersen tells Swedish Radio.

Almost like a reality show

Michael Gilgame is Professor of Political Science at the University of Gothenburg. He says it’s not the first time that a politician has been as critical as Kakapavi. But this is happening at the same time that Sweden is under pressure from Turkey over the NATO request, and that the decisive vote came with demands to support the Kurds, is unique.

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– It’s almost like a reality show. There are many pieces of the puzzle that need to be put into place to make this happen. I don’t think this has ever happened in the world before, Gilgame tells Aftenposten.

He believes that what is happening now may make the NATO operation in Sweden more difficult. If it continues, it could become a campaign topic. At the same time, he assures that we know very little about what is going on behind the scenes at the moment.

also Political scientist Marja Lehmann at Söderthorn University He believes this may make NATO negotiations more difficult. She says this to Dagens Nyheter.

Sweden’s Prime Minister, Magdalena Anderson, and the US Defense Chief during an exercise in Stockholm this weekend. Sweden has applied for membership in NATO, but Turkey has so far refused.

Insurance required

As of Tuesday morning, it was not clear how the vote would take place.

Over the weekend in Whitsun, talks took place between Kakabaveh and the Social Democrats. You won’t get the insurance you want until early Tuesday morning.

– I decided on my way to the TV studio, Kakapavi said Swedish TV its 7 o’clock.

A few hours before the vote came the confirmation that Kakapavi had called for. Then the secretary of the Social Democratic Party said that they stick to the agreement to support Kurdish groups.

Attorney General Morgan Johansson will remain in office.

He was a soldier in a rebel group

Amina Kabwa, with a Kurdish background, looks like the red cloth of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Last fall, Magdalena helped Anderson rise to power. Until then I sat on the decisive sound. In return, it reached an agreement with the Social Democrats to support Kurdish groups in northern Syria. Kakapavi now wanted assurances that the agreement would remain in place, and that Sweden would not succumb to Erdogan’s demands.

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Kakapavi was born in Iran and has Kurdish ancestry. Before fleeing to Sweden, she fought in the ranks of the Kurdish Peshmerga forces. She has been elected to the Riksdag since 2008 and was originally a member of the Left Party, the sister party of SV and Rødt in Sweden. However, she came into conflict with the party and is now partyless. None of Sweden’s political blocs have a majority in the Swedish Parliament. That’s why Kakabaveh is about.