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Avril Lavigne marries, and a diamond engagement ring with curious and charming details

Avril Lavigne marries, and a diamond engagement ring with curious and charming details

Although the application was submitted on March 27, this was only Thursday, April 7 Avril Lavigne Share the good news with his fans. After a year of dating, the singer is engaged and preparing to go down the aisle. The application was made in the city of love, Paris, next to the emblematic Eiffel Tower.

By posting a series of photos of the moment, Avril wrote,yes! I love you forever‘, thus realizing that the relationship with the musician sun mod Get ready to rise to another level.

It was the most perfect and romantic show I could ask for. We were in Paris on a boat on the Seine. We had a violinist, champagne and roses. It felt like time had stopped, and it was only the two of us at the moment.He said in a statement to the magazine Persons.

In addition to the enthusiastic reaction to the request, Avril Lavigne fans also did not fail to note the gem that was chosen as an engagement ring. The strikingly large diamond was the talk…and still has a story behind it.

And it was the singer herself who gave more details about the ring. The big gem of the brand fourteen caratscontaining accessories whose prices can go up to 17 thousand euros, for example, but there are still other details: although the diamonds are barely visible, the words “Hello, icon”, “Hello, icon”, in Portuguese, are engraved, Which were the first words Maud Sun said when he met Avril.

Instagram clone, dr.

The artist explained why the jewel is in the shape of a heart: “He knew from the start that I wanted a diamond like this, because on the day we met, We had heart shaped rings to match. We’ve used it every day since then. I think it’s only fair to have a heart-shaped engagement ring. I like it so much“, He said.

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