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Axiona and Korea Zinc to build wind farm in Australia

As for the wind farm in Australia, Korea Zinc holds 30% and the remaining 80% belongs to Akiona.

Akiona Along with the metallurgical team Korean zinc Australia has announced the construction of a 923 MW McIntyre wind farm in Queensland, which will be Agiona’s largest renewable project and the largest in the region.

Also, according to a report, the contract offers a stake in Arc Energy, a subsidiary of Korea Zinc. 30% At the wind farm, Axiona will be 80% The rest. In addition, the Spanish company is responsible for the comprehensive management of the project; This includes growth; Construction; Activity; And maintenance.

About, Jose Manuel Entraconals, Akiona’s CEO pointed out that the partnership with Korea Zinc in this project is a privilege and marks a milestone in McIntyre’s development.

“Our companies share the vision of being pioneers in clean energy, and this alliance is a boost to how companies from across various sectors can join forces to carry out renewable projects,” he added.

When, Yun P. Choi, The CEO of Korea Zinc, promised to be satisfied with the alliance with Akiona.

“Our participation in the McIntyre wind farm reflects our commitment to renewable energy in Australia,” he said.

Akiona, on the other hand, pointed out that in addition to the project, it would build a nearby wind farm Results, It has a capacity of 103 MW and is owned by Kleinco. Both campuses (Carrara and McIntyre) will provide electricity to 700,000 Australian households.

In addition, emissions 3 million tons CO2 per year. In terms of investment, both are investing 1, 1,300 million; They will be key to achieving Queensland’s goal of delivering 50% of its electricity consumption with renewable energy by 2030.

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In that sense, it is possible McIntyre and Carrara were developing the campus 400 jobs And economic incentives for communities located during its life cycle of 5 325 million. Both parks will have 180 5.7 MW Nordex Delta 4000 turbines.

Construction is expected to begin in the second half of 2021, but most of the investment will be concentrated in 2022 and 2023. This campus will function 2024.

Photography: Akiona

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