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Ayam Noor shares a beautiful moment with her little Ai (photos)

Ayam Noor shares a beautiful moment with her little Ai (photos)

Aim Noor used his vacation to share good vibes with his subscribers. Especially the moments when he was complicit with his son Ayvin made them explode.

Ayam Noor was revealed in the fifth season Secret story, Before taking control of his own show on NRJ12, The Mac, In which he went behind the scenes of reality TV with his essayists. After working for a while on Cyril Hanuna’s set, that young woman became very smart on TV. But her fans can follow her on social networks and especially on Instagram, where she shares her daily life with her 892,000 subscribers. Last May, she posed naturally to the delight of her followers. “Natural, no fuss, no codes, no posting time, no hashtag, no filters, no mention … nothing! Just a little photo to say hello and tell me what I think everyday”. She wrote then.

A gentle kiss was exchanged with her son

Over the holidays, the influencer had already posted inflammatory photos of her bikini in the colors of the star-studded banner. This Wednesday, August 11th, he shared a series of photos to send back “Only good vibes” To its subscribers. We can at least say that his goal was achieved. Her absolutely divine photo, her hair, captivated internet users. “Wow“Even Tina Gunaway, Vincent Castle’s comrade, lost his temper. “This is a beautiful series of photos, you are amazing, incredibly beautiful”, “The most beautiful photos really”,you are beautiful “, Verifying web users. But her adorable photos with Ivy, her little boy, often melted the canvas. We see the mother exchanging a gentle kiss with her son or asking him to hug him outside the swimming pool. “She’s so beautiful when he touches her chest .. Lots of love”, An Internet user, for example, went into ecstasy.

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Aim Noor invented the line

After her pregnancy, Aim Noor was subjected to several severe attacks due to her curves. She promised to have “I suffered a lot from these criticisms.”. “It is very difficult to take ridicule and disgrace not only on social networks but also in some media She was emotional. Since then, Aim Noor has been thankful for a special meal, thanks to the recipe he has chosen to share in his book. Simple ghetto.