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Azure launches a new tender for the port of Santa Maria - Science

Azure launches a new tender for the port of Santa Maria – Science

The published Government Council decision “authorizes the opening of a limited prequalification tender procedure, with a view to establishing a public works concession contract – design, design, construct, finance, operate, explore, and conserve a spaceport, located on the island of Santa Maria.”

According to the Official Gazette, “the term of the concluded contract cannot exceed 30 years.” The new bid was justified by the “judicial rejection of the request to suspend the administrative procedure by excluding the offer submitted by one of the competing associations in the above-mentioned competitive dialogue procedure.”

On the other hand, it was stated that “the same decision regarding banning the RAA has been verified.” [Região Autónoma dos Açores] Initiate a pre-contract procedure with the same.”

The two proposals that reached the final stage of the procedure were excluded by the public tenders arbitration body and one of the unions challenged the decision in court, and demanded, in addition to accepting his proposal, that it was not possible to submit a new tender for the same purpose. Launched.

The document adds: “It is now necessary to allow the opening of a public procurement procedure allowing the creation of a public works concession, under applicable legislation.”

According to the publication, “the project in question does not mean the need, at the present time, to take any official action to implement the expenditures.”

The decision notes that “through the command a spaceport number will allow a new generation of launch services on the island of Santa Maria.”

This was preceded by an “analysis of the potential of the Azores archipelago, in general, and, in particular, the island of Santa Maria”.

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“The conclusions of the analysis indicated a set of benefits of a social and economic nature, which the Registrar Accreditation Agreement could benefit from, which had a direct impact on obtaining tax revenues, the employment of highly qualified local human resources, as well as the acquisition of differentiated, which will be associated with with the new academic and industrial skills of institutions and companies in the region,” he said.

As part of the above procedure, the jury proposed “overturning the hiring decision,” he recalls.

According to the decision, “through the submitted proposals and preliminary study, it was possible to assess the interest this project gives to companies in this sector, as well as the potential that space access technologies reveal as sources of benefit from the regional economy.”

On the other hand, the Azores Space Strategy “identifies as one of the priority areas the promotion of broader and safer access to space.”

This, “to take advantage not only of the very attractive geographical position of the island of Santa Maria, but also of the excellent security conditions for the installation of space access ports in our archipelago.”

“In this context, it must be borne in mind that projects to build, operate and operate a spaceport that will allow a new generation of launch services located on the island of Santa Maria are, in fact, economically sustainable.”

It is also set to ensure “the position of the Azores archipelago in the domain of opportunities associated with the “new space”, which represents “in itself, a unique and value-added opportunity for the development of the RAA”.

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The government of the Republic approved in March 2019 the creation of the Portuguese Space Agency, Portugal Space, based on the island of Santa Maria in the Azores.

Initially, the contract for the installation and operation of the Santa Maria spaceport was expected to be signed in June 2019, so that the first launches of small satellites would take place in the summer of 2021.

On November 11, Luis Santos, Azores Space Mission Structure Coordinator, said the Spaceport project had not been abandoned by the Azores government, pending court permission to proceed with a new tender, following a review and simplified processing.

In February, the Regional Secretary for Culture, Science and Digital Transformation, who held a press conference on the topic scheduled for today, indicated that the new tender for the construction of a spaceport on Santa Maria Island will be launched in March.