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bad science | park pole

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Posted on 06/20/2022 05:00

Brasilia – The National Council for Scientific and Technological Development has worrying data about the decline in scientific output of higher education. He points out that the import of inputs (tax-free!) for research into public universities has fallen dramatically. US$193 million was imported in 2021, through 180 educational institution partners, versus an average of US$300 million in the previous two years. The data is compiled by the National Council of Support Institutions for Higher Education and Scientific and Technological Research Institutions (Confies).

Paraguay rule!

The waters of Lake Itaipu were calmer between Brazil and Paraguay. A series of outsourcing of consultants in international law and energy business by the Itaipu Dam management, by the Brazilian government, revealed a surprising behind-the-scenes of a state-owned company that takes care of a third of the country’s energy: it was discovered that Brazil does not have autonomy on its part and everything in the management must have the support of partners Paraguay. Representatives from the Committee on Foreign Relations swooped in to check it out.

capixabas on the road

Entrepreneurs from Espírito Santo working in logistics and cargo warehousing want to put an approach plan with Vale on track to take advantage of the still-idle railway connecting Minas Gerais to the state, after curtailing mining activities with the failure of two dams. Espírito Santo’s GDP is, to a large extent, dependent on exports through the port of Vitoria, and the miner’s railway may be a better outlet.

Kilal Alif (in the air)

The mayor of Belo Horizonte and the pre-candidate of the government of Minas Gerais, Roberto Calel (PSD) – the promised platform of Lula da Silva (PT) in the state of Minas – is already campaigning discreetly and doing his duty as an ally in dealing with the platforms. But still in power. He began leaving the capital and traveling (even in the middle of the week) to the cities at home on his friend’s twin-engine plane.

Renan’s projects

Senator Renan Calheros (MDB-AL) has warned those close to him that he will not be a candidate for re-election after 2027, when he wins his state. It paves the way for the heir, the son of the former governor, who is running for Senate this year. Those who understand the game are betting that their father will coordinate Lula’s campaign in Alagoas and dream of two ministries – one for him and one for a patron – should Labor win. Pazuello “escort” the rings disappeared and left the fingers. The aphorism is working very well for former Health Minister Eduardo Pazuelo – the primary candidate for federal representative for the state of Rio de Janeiro. Special Adviser to the Presidency of the Republic, Pazuello does not travel with less than two advisors (in many cases in uniform).


#Neon launches a new campaign “More than a bank, Neon” focusing on the free digital account.

#JA Worldwide Recognized as one of the world’s 10 most important NGOs, by Thedotgood 200.

# Applications for the Gama Experience program are open until the 25th.

#Mamba Water announces Pedro Scooby as new partner. #hellab announces partnership with Medprev.

Contributed by Walmore Parenti, Carolina Freitas, Sarah Moreira and Izanio Vacanha (administrator)

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