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Bahia government launches a scientific journal for the press to celebrate Science Day

Bahia government launches a scientific journal for the press to celebrate Science Day

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Close to approaching number 100 in publishing articles on scientific work, the Bahia Faz Ciência (BFC) Report Series, by the Department of Science, Technology and Innovation (Secti) and the Bahia Research Support Foundation (Fapesb), will launch a journal celebrating National Science and Scholar Day next Thursday (8) at 3 pm broadcast by Canal do YouTube da Secti.

The publication, which collects some of the articles released since the project was first launched in July 2019, brings the studies, solutions and inventions created in Bahia, with the aim of demonstrating the importance of investing in research for the advancement of society, the improvement of the quality of life of the population and the economic development of the state.

The sect’s secretary, Adelia Pinheiro, contextualizes the importance of Bahia Faz Ciência. “About two years ago, prior to the context of the pandemic, we were interested in showing the entire population the enormous potential that the Bahá’ís and Bahá’ís have for the practice of science. Now, as we face a major health crisis, we can say that this project is helping to combat obscurantism, by imparting information to the entire community, Which is often restricted to the academic environment. In accessible language and in a weekly format, we release every Monday a different piece of news about a new study, research or scientific work that comes to add innovative tools or solutions.”

With a focus on diversity, the series addresses different themes and areas of knowledge when selecting works to be disseminated to the population and the media. Director of the Foundation for Research Support in Bahia (Fapesb), Marcio Costa, also notes that all state and federal universities in the state have already had their work published, as well as some private universities, as well as many institutions, schools and universities. institutes. “Through these articles, we have shown the public, not only in the capital, but also in all the regions of Bahia, the importance of investing in scientific research. Scientists who pored over Bahia Faz Ciência’s print newspapers and websites, gave interviews on television and radio and were able to convey little From what is produced in the lab and classroom into the knowledge of society.”

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New types of bandages, medicines, vaccines, innovative tools and technological platforms to facilitate daily manual labor and even new types of food have already been on Secti’s agenda in the past two years. But it was in a new way to treat diabetes, through the peel of a fruit called mangosteen, devised by young students from the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Bahia (IF Baiano), in the municipality of Cato, that Bahia won Ciência her first agenda.

“Only through scientific publication of works and projects implemented in educational centers will we be able to prove the importance of science in Brazil and in the world. Thus, we understand that every penny invested in research is not a loss, but a profit for a generation of new scientists, with potential to improve everyone’s life”, he reflects Saulu Kabim, Professor at IF Baiano and supervisor of the first scientific paper published by the BFC.

Professor and researcher Selmara Carvalho, from Southwest Bahia State University (Uesb), whose work was recently released by Bahia Faz Ciência, points out that the population in general needs to know more about research conducted in Brazilian public universities because scientific achievement involves development From more complex activities, such as the production of vaccines, to simpler activities, such as health care to prevent the spread of diseases.

Many of these research have direct benefits to society, whether in the medical, pharmaceutical, nutritional, environmental, or social fields, among many possibilities. Every form of disclosure must be reinforced. One good example relates to my area of ​​expertise, food engineering, because a product like strawberry flavored yogurt was first produced in a public university (UFV), a fact that few people outside of the academic environment are aware of,” Selmara noted.

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To access the online edition of Bahia Faz Ciência magazine, which contains topics such as health, sustainability, technology and Covid-19, simply access the Secti website, where you will also find all the materials already published within the project. Those interested in publishing their work on Secti, Fapesb, social networks and the entire press should send an agenda proposal to the e-mail [email protected]

Source: Ascom / Secti

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