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Bahia reports 3,211 new cases of Covid-19 and 48 more deaths from the disease

Bahia reports 3,211 new cases of Covid-19 and 48 more deaths from the disease

In Bahia, in the past 24 hours, 3,211 cases of COVID-19 were registered (growth rate +0.3%) and 3,104 recovered (+0.3%). On Saturday (3), the epidemiological bulletin also recorded 48 deaths. Although the deaths occurred on different dates, they are confirmed and recorded today. Of the 1,135,261 confirmed cases since the beginning of the epidemic, 1,098,816 have already been considered recovered, 12,210 active cases and 24,235 confirmed deaths.

The epidemiological bulletin is still counting 1,374,341 neglected cases and 233,011 under investigation. These data represent the official notifications collected by the Directorate of Epidemiological Surveillance of Health in Bahia (Divep-BA), together with the municipal surveillance and the databases of the Ministry of Health until 5 pm this Saturday. In Bahia, 50,961 health professionals have been confirmed to have Covid-19. To access the full prospectus, click here or visit Business Intelligence.

The total number of deaths from Covid-19 in Bahia since the beginning of the epidemic is 24,235, which represents a mortality rate of 2.13%. Of the deaths, 55.75% occurred among males and 44.25% among females. In terms of race and color, 54.98% corresponded to brown, followed by white with 22.28%, black with 15.40%, yellow with 0.42%, indigenous with 0.14% and no information on 6.77% of deaths. The incidence of comorbidity was 60.50% with a higher incidence of heart disease and chronic disease (72.80%).

The existence of late records and/or a backlog of cases is due to the overburdening of investigative teams, as there are mandatory notification illnesses beyond Covid-19. Another reason is the deepening of epidemiological investigations by the municipal and state surveillance in order to avoid distortions or misunderstandings, such as ignoring the cause of death, head injury or cancer in its final stages, even if the person was infected with the Corona virus.

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Covid-19 regulation status

At 12:00 on Saturday, there were 15 applications for admission to the Covid-19 adult intensive care unit in the country’s central regulatory system. There were 9 more applications for admission to the adult Covid-19 clinical beds in the system. This number is dynamic as new transfers and orders are made throughout the day.


With 5,027,616 vaccinated against Coronavirus (Covid-19) with the first dose, of which 1,886,783 also received the second application, and another 81,429 vaccinated with a single dose of the vaccination, as of 5 p.m. Saturday, Bahia is one of the states In the country with the largest number of immunized. The Bahia State Department of Health (Sesab) makes daily contacts with the teams in each municipality in order to measure the amount of doses applied and provides detailed information on the panel.

An excessive amount of doses has been observed in vials of vaccines against Covid-19, which makes it possible to use 11 and up to 12 doses in just one vial, as is the case with other multi-dose vaccines. The Ministry of Health has issued a notice allowing the use of the increased volume provided that a full 0.5 ml dose is inhaled from one vial. Thus it can be seen that the vaccination rate in some municipalities is higher than 100%.

Source: Ascom / Sesab