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Bairro de Ramaldi honors a fan who died during the FC Porto celebrations

Bairro de Ramaldi honors a fan who died during the FC Porto celebrations

Dozens of family members, friends and neighbors of Igor Silva, the young man who was stabbed to death during the celebrations for the title of the FC Porto champion, next to the Estadio do Dragao, paid tribute to the victim in the Ramaldi neighborhood, demanding this. Justice is quick to find the culprits.

On Sunday night, in the heart of the neighborhood, where Igor lived and was appreciated, mourners gathered to release a white balloon. They also put candles and a giant picture of the victim so that they would remember Igor.

According to reports submitted by residents to JN, friends and family want to speed up the justice system to arrest the suspect or suspect in the death of Igor Silva, fearing an escalation of violence if the perpetrators are not quickly found.

An autopsy should take place Monday at INML in Porto, allowing it to determine whether the victim was stabbed to death or some other type of blunt object. The Judicial Police of Porto is collecting evidence to support the thesis of settling accounts between the victim and other Porto fans. There have been no arrests yet.

Igor Silva, 26, was stabbed, on Sunday morning, in Alameda das Antas, next to Estadio do Dragao, in Porto, during the celebrations for the victory of FC Porto, which became a national champion.

He was rescued at the scene, and died in Hospital de São Joao. Elizabeth Pinhoe was at her company, who tried to stop the attacks and ended up getting injured, albeit not seriously. Two suspects have been identified, but no arrests have been made so far. The victim and the alleged attackers knew each other, all pointing to an account.

But the reasons for the violent aggression go back to Chiima das Vitas this year, in which Igor Jorge Salazar da Silva allegedly abused a young woman who later, accompanied by her mother, went to the neighborhood of Ramaldi, where he lived, in an attempt to complacency. The two women ended up assaulting, angering the two men who had already been identified by the PSP as potential aggressors against Igor.

At Estádio da Luz, where FC Porto were crowned champions, the two groups began a fight that ended in Porto, next to Dragao, with the victim stabbed.

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