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Baldur’s Gate 3 is in the new (and hilarious) episode of South Park

Baldur’s Gate 3 is in the new (and hilarious) episode of South Park

Last Friday, the popular animated series South Park received a special episode that addressed various current topics, such as artificial intelligence or diversity in entertainment.

Interestingly, even Baldur’s Gate 3 was present in the episode, which is further evidence of the massive success of Larian. Without going into too much detail, Eric Cartman desperately wants to play the game but realizes too late that Baldur’s Gate III’s recordings do not cross universes.

In the episode, Cartman, living in an alternate reality, fears losing over 50 hours of progress in BG3 and wonders, “Don’t recordings cross universes?” To which Stan responds: “Registered games don’t even cross over between PC and PS5 – why would they cross over between multiple universes?”

However, this is not true and Larian used her X account to clarify the situation:

“Hello South Park. Although Baldur’s Gate 3 footage cannot cross universes, we can confirm that it can indeed be transferred between PC and PS5!”

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