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Baldwin gave the phone to investigators

Baldwin gave the phone to investigators

After actor Alec Baldwin fatally shoots the set of the western movie Rust, investigators in the case will search Baldwin’s phone for clues.

Released on December 16th.

On the Friday morning local time on January 14, Baldwin hung up the phone. It’s reports Los Angeles Times.

The sheriff of Suffolk County will now investigate the contents of the phone, looking for new clues in the case.

They will look for messages, emails, photos, or other relevant data.

Once the data is recovered from the phone, it will be handed over to us,” Santa Fe County Sheriff Juan Rios told the Los Angeles Times.


Given how long it took Baldwin to give up the phone, the sheriff expressed his deep frustration.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Baldwin took such a long time to hand the phone because he didn’t use the phone voluntarily.

In addition, a lot of time passed because Baldwin returned to New York. Thus, the authorities in New Mexico were powerless to force him to hand over the phone.

I ordered it delivered in December.

On December 16, it became clear that a search warrant had been filed.

The search warrant can only be executed in New Mexico, according to local attorneys.

Rios said the various parties had reached an agreement on what data could be retrieved from the phone.

The cinematographer has passed away

Baldwin, the producer of the Western film, aimed a Colt pistol at the film’s cameraman Hutchins during filming rehearsals in New Mexico on October 21. It exploded and hit her. Director Joel Sousa was shot in the shoulder.

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Baldwin explained that he did not know the prop weapon contained sharpened ammunition, and investigators are working to find out who put this in the weapon.