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Ball – A controversial message written by Angelo Girao (photo) (Roller Hockey) has been published

Ball – A controversial message written by Angelo Girao (photo) (Roller Hockey) has been published

An exchange of private messages is circulating on social networks between Angelo Girau, goalkeeper of the Sporting roller hockey team, and supposedly a fan of Leonine.

The fan asked her: “Did you hit Ordonez again?” “It’s in the next match, calm down,” replied Jirao.

It is noteworthy that Angelo Gerao was punished in March by the Disciplinary Council of the Portuguese Ski Federation with five matches, for assaulting Argentine Lucas Ordonez, who plays for Benfica.

On January 30, Benfica announced that it had filed a criminal complaint against the Lions player, after he attacked Ordóñez with the stick, in the derby match between the two teams, in Joao Rocha, the day before.

According to the ruling of the FPP Disciplinary Board, Angelo Girão took advantage of the fact that Lucas Ordóñez was late at the entrance to the ring warm-up to attack him with the stick in “the right side of his neck, leaving marks and causing pain”, as read in the document, as well as on the forearms.

«Son p…, this is not Argentina, this is Portugal! I gave you two, there’s still one to go. I’ll give you the inside of the field, ”Girao said also in the direction of the Argentine, with whom he had already had a falling out in the previous derby and also in the World Cup final in San Juan, between Argentina and Portugal. Video surveillance footage from the wing confirmed the aggression of Angelo Girão, who will miss Sporting’s next five matches: Tomar, Oki Barcelos (Portugal Cup semi-final), Morch, Parede and the first match in the “play-off”.

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It must be remembered that Benfica and Sporting are fighting over the final of the championship, as the Eagles won the last match, 4-2, in Luz, this Wednesday, and thus advanced 2-1. A match that really put the two teams at war (see related news).

Angelo Girao himself had already had a blast on his Instagram story. “I have this shit!! Keep clapping and being happy about this because we’re just missing out on everyone who’s hanging around here,” he blasted, in a message that he would end up erasing the background and replacing it with a black one. He then posted criticism coming from other sources.

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