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Ball - A Libertadores champion remembers Abel's gesture before the final (Palmeiras)

Ball – A Libertadores champion remembers Abel’s gesture before the final (Palmeiras)

After the first anniversary of Apple Ferreira at the head of Palmeiras, he amazing sport He spoke to three players at the club about the Portuguese coach. Rooney, the player who provided the assist for the winning goal in the Copa Libertadores last season, shared a signal before the decisive game he scored.

“He had a very interesting and positive lecture. We arrived at the stadium and he showed messages from our families at the spa with messages for us. Explaining his relationship with the coach, he said: “This is his second family. I think not only the players but everyone who works here treats you like a family member.”

On the other hand, Danilo called up the semi-final match with River Plate, in which Verdau won 3-0.

“He told us he was going to change the structure a little bit and he asked us to trust him. He told us to do certain things if another situation happened. It was like he said, a great match,” he said.

Finally, Rafael Vega recalled, in an amusing way, the language barrier of the early days.

“When he started training, we just heard him say ‘You guys, you guys’. There was even a player who asked him what it was. He had to explain to us that it’s the same thing as guys or guys. It was funny. Now he’s trying to speak more calmly so we can understand him, because the Portuguese is He speaks quickly,” he said.