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Ball - Abel Ferreira teaches players about finance and reveals a mentor (Brazil)

Ball – Abel Ferreira teaches players about finance and reveals a mentor (Brazil)

In addition to the technical and tactical matters associated with the coach’s role, Abel Ferreira also plays the role of assistant in the financial affairs of his players and explains why.

“I do it because they did it to me. And if these guys have a head, they can have a quiet life and we don’t watch because we see so many players making so much money and ruining all that money. It makes me sad, because sometimes it’s just a matter of politeness. And I say. Them: You only have three piggy banks, and that’s what they taught me. One for the expenses I bring in every month, one for my goals – I want to buy a new bed, a new computer – and one that I can never touch, must be my savings, my security. Because the life of a footballer The foot goes by fast. They earn a lot, but they also spend a lot and if they don’t pay attention to it, they reach the end of their career with all they spend. As they say in Portugal, the board won, the board spent. Before I became a coach, I’m a men’s coach. I said This is once in SC Braga: If I were to be chosen between only two, I would be known as a good man rather than a good coach. Because you are the man who triumphs in the professionalism you want.”BabyYou’re spending money on buying a car. And the house, have you already bought it? I like to talk to them about it, because sometimes it’s very easy to be dazzled, and we always have to bring them down to the ground, and that’s also my role, to educate the players, and that’s what I want to do with my daughters when the Palmeiras coach said in a press conference, that I Close to me, that’s what I miss, school is over, I think I’m a better father with the guys than with my daughters.”

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He revealed where he got the lessons that he now imparts to the team he leads, referring to Luis Campos: “He is currently PSG’s sporting director.”