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Ball - After Messi, Jose Fonte invites Ronaldo to Lille (Lille)

Ball – After Messi, Jose Fonte invites Ronaldo to Lille (Lille)

Lionel Messi has just joined Paris Saint-Germain, who last season lost the champion title to Lille. Portugal international Jose Fonte, the usual captain, realizes that it will be more difficult for his team and admits that he asked for help from … Cristiano Ronaldo.

“It’s unbelievable that a player like Lionel Messi is in the Ligue 1. It’s exciting. Obviously, from a competitive point of view, it will be more difficult for Lille, but we will be ready for the challenge,” he began to the Portuguese defender, speaking to Britain’s Talksport radio.

With the arrival of Messi, PSG has a fearsome attacking trio, with Neymar and Mbappe. Cristiano Ronaldo remains in Italy for Juventus. José Fonte joked: “I used to text Cristiano to come to Lille every day, but he only responds. ha ha ha. »

More seriously, the Portuguese defender also launched an original attack on PSG: “I would like to understand FFP in France. Every club restricts expenses, can’t hire a lot, can’t get high salaries, but PSG arrive and it looks like there’s no law. Is this really fair? “

“But we will try to use our weapons and I will try to get Cristiano somehow. After all, he just lacks the title in France ”, he released.

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